Monday, December 31, 2007

Wrap Up 2007, Welcome 2008

I was just reminded by friends that my blog has been quiet for quite sometimes again... well there were too many celebration on December, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year.

Two Thousand Seven seems a really busy year for me and i believe so do you. Big change for me as I from single become married and from a single guy become a father of a baby (it really changed alot !!!) To wrap up a bit here it goes...

What I've done in 2007 (nothing too great to share but just for my memory purposes as i don't have a powerful memory to remember what i've done so just record here for my reference in future.) muahahahahahahahhhah, my first project after leaving my ex-company. pamperzone mainly a directory for leisure and places to pamper yourselve for city-goers. You can get handful information of fine dining , spa & massage as well as golfing to concert that happens around Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia.

Gossip With David, my first blog in my life, started with no readers until i reached 400 unique visitors a day. A great achievement i've never experienced before but it required times and consistency. I hope to achieve it again!!! If you want to know some tips I would like to share with you.

Baby Sara came into our life in August. Additional new member in my family with Golden Piggy status. Hahahahhahahah.

Nothing much though... well how about you? Have you got your plan on 2008. I've never believe in New Year Resolution. Life short, Do what you feel like doing instead of doing what you suppose to do!!!

Here I wish you a Merry Christas and Happy New Year for all. Wishing you the Best of Luck in 2008 with millions of Wealth and Health!!!