Thursday, August 30, 2007


Counting down the days of Malaysia's National Day on the 31 August 2007 (1 day left)... over the years you will only listen people shouting, screaming and yelling Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka for no reasons and for fun... if you don't believe step yourself out tonight in Dataran Merdeka or any big gathering of celebration you'll understand all. Different group of people will have different tune and they try to act like our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman when we declared independence in the Merdeka Stadium back then in 1957. (I hope as a Malaysian please pay high respect on the "Merdeka" before it fly out from your mouth and do not spoilt it)

This year celebration of National Day will be a grand one from the government and private sector however, the government feels that private sector should contribute to this as well and released a statement few months ago about at all expenses on promoting our Nationa Day will be fully deducted in the financial year end of the company. (Walau... like that also can ar... If the cabinet release this news earlier I think today in down town Kuala Lumpur you will see a lot of display of this everywhere liao.. pls take note in future...)

As a Malaysian, what can we do and play a role in this celebration....well, i don't seem what much the Malaysian can do instead just behave like a good boy will be more than enough because new rules coming out stated don't simply make fun with the national flag lar (therefore, don't stick on your car bonek or sun roof anymore u r not patriotic but shameless simply display it) , don't simply edit national anthem (the 黃明志 Namewee case) and alot more. In fact, as a Malaysian the latter is truly mis-behaved, the namewee case had brought alot of attention to the cabinet as well as the media reporting the mis-used of national anthem and bla bla bla... As an adult, i think namewee you are over the line anyway, your song like Muar Chinese and Kawanku had brought sufficient fame for you so don't simply go further like nobody business... you know lar Malaysia is a place that you can throw your unhappiness out but only limited to condition, environment, close friends or keep underneath your own heart. (don't say i am chicken to do so... if any Malaysian try to act funny against the government or stupid ISA will come after you... this only not appear in "Ripley's believe it or not")

Anyway, for those of you who have resided out of Malaysia, i hope you find your happiness there but you will face the same difficulties in the other hand because you are just simply 3rd class citizen to them. For the pass 30 years i've stayed here in Malaysia i still find here is a good place to live and work for.

Last but not least, I wish Malaysia happy birthday in advance and I can't give you big present as i can't afford it. But, I think you've receive a big "present" from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries yesterday, a foreign investment of RM4.1bil in the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in Johor.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer retires from Manchester United

I started to learn and play football in a very late age of 20++. From there on the club I always support is Manchester United until today. I've seen the club growing from conquer the English Premier League till the Europe.

For all the years there are few players that really left so many memories to me. The hard and solid of Roy Keane, the power forward Eric Cantona, the freekick specialist David Beckham and the Baby Face Assassin Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Today, as usual i go through Soccernet and found out that Ole is going to retire with a bad knee injury he suffered for years. What a waste for such a talented player going to retire after 11 years of service in the club. Ole is recognised as a scoring machine and super sub for United over the years and his superb performance in the last minute of game always turn around the results. Ole brought a lot of sweet memory for Man United fans and he was never be forgetted with his famous goal for United. Besides, Ole who famously scored the winner in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich to help the club win the treble in 1999 was the sweetest among the rest.

In fact, I've nothing to say much but wish this talented Norwegian striker all the best in his future undertaking. Good Bye Ole!!!

A tribute of goals scored by the Baby Face Assassin, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

P/S Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will remain in Man United in coaching role.

Avril Lavigne turns sexy

I personally noticed that female singer in the west always dress sexily to increase awareness and lure the audience. In fact, we hardly can see rock singer dress sexily anyway. But lately I noticed Canadian rock singer, Avril Lavigne started to prove that she can be sexy too besides ROCK!

Wenworth Miller & Partner

I believe most of you have watched Prison Break one of most talkabout American Serial Drama back in 2005 and voted the 2005 People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama. The storyline is brilliant and the characters like Michael Scofield (played by Wenworth Miller), Lincoln Burrows (played by Dominic Purcell), Fernando Sucre (played by Amaury Nolasco), Sara Tancredi (played by Sarah Wayne Callies) and many more impressed the series' followers including myself.

Yesterday, I came across this entertainment news about Wenworth Miller & Partner both were noticed dine and shopping around in town. Below is the picture of his partner.

His name Luke MacFarlane, 27 born in London. So, girls don't upset and disappointed anyway he is as good looking as Wenworth Miller.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Manchester United 2007 first goal by Nani

The poor displayed of the champion Manchester United on the opening season of the Premiership 2007, finally taste the sweet victory over Tottenham in Old Trafford by winning 1 nil to goal. The first win and first goal for United in the new season.

The attacking force of Manchester United has proven much doubt when the duo Wayne Ronney and C. Ronaldo both absence for the United for the pass few games. As a Manchester United fan, my heart nearly cracked down when the score line still draw at 0-0 during half time. Ferdinand and Van der Sar nearly slip a goal to Berbatov during the 2nd half. A fantastic long shot from Nani finally secure a WIN to the United. But i still disappointed with the current Man United form. A lot of room for improvement... I think Fergie better keep Brown a side (he got too many mistakes during each game he played.)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Exciting Weekend - EPL + La Liga + Serie A

This weekend football fans around the world come alive when the long awaited european leagues are all gear up where the La Liga and Serie A both in scheduled and EPL in action again.

The opening season of EPL created much upset for the favourites especially the Champion, Manchester United had been under performed so far after major signing of top players from other major leagues in Europe like the inclusion of Nani, Anderson, Owen Hagreaves and Carlos Tevez didn't really give an impact to the team. United suffered 2 draws and 1 defeat in the opening 3 games, and yet to find the winning form. This weekend features Man United against Tottenham will be a test to the champion again to find the winning ways for the team and I'm sure Man United will grab 3 points in Old Trafford by all means. On the other hand, Premiership's leader Man City will travel to Emirates Stadium to extend the lead and Arsenal without Defender William Galas and Goalkeeper Lehmann on this weekend will receive a tough challenge from the inform City Team lead by Sven Erickson. Last weekend, derby upset against the champion Man United had boost the confident of the Man City team and Arsene Wenger once again has to prove the youth are paying the effort to survive in the Premiership and end the fairy tale run by the City team. Arsenal has to count on Fabregas, Van Persie and Helb to find the net if they want to upset the inform City.

Some wins will be foresee from Aston Villa, Newcastle, Liverpool, West Ham and Birmingham City in the weekend showdown.

Well, from England let's move to Italy. Juventus, Genoa and Napoli promoted back to Serie A certainly will create some upset this season. The curtain raising Italian Super Cup between Inter Milan and AS Roma had once again proved that the excitement of Calcio where AS Roma defeated Inter by one goal to nil. This season no team is on minus point and welcome the previous contender of Serie A, Juventus lead by Claudio Ranieri will once again challenge for the title and looking forward to qualify for Europe by end of the season. Claudio Ranieri helped Parma to avoid relegation last season move to Juventus to give the top flight a challenge.

Some wins will be foresee from promoted teams in Serie A.

The La Liga will kick off this weekend and the curtain raising Spain Super Cup between Real Madrid and Sevilla had see the weakness in defence displayed by Real Madrid once again when they stumbled to Sevilla by 5-3. Real Madrid had removed Fabio Cappelo this season and included a list of players like Arjen Rubben, Gariel Heinze, Javier Saviola, Wesley Sneijder and many more to defend the title. On the other hand, Barcelona had captured the service of Arsenal's star Thiery Henry will once again challenge the title from Real Madrid where they loss on head to head count last term. The new campaign of La Liga will see the improving side from Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia to challenge the title.

Some upset from the promoted teams like Real Valladolid, Real Murcia and Almeria and wins from Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia.

Women's interest

As a women, when will you wear a 5.5inch high heel? May be you will answer me either to a private function, wedding or some special party. Majority of women's interest when attending a party or private function will go shop around the dress, make up, hair-do and many more.

Anyway, a 5.5 inch high heel can be wear casually like her, Victoria Beckham. Classy?? You define yourself.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Michael Wong Concert in Jakarta and Medan

Michael Wong 王光良 the first Malaysian Chinese to held his World Tour Concert begins in Jakarta and Medan, Indonesia for 2 consecutive days. The sponsor in Indonesia was shocked about the domestic response and gained confident feedback that all tickets are sold out before the actual concert. Rumours about the most expensive ticket sold at RM2,400.

The host has invited Indonesia's Pop Queen, Vina as a guest appearance during the concert. Michael Wong later will head up to Shanghai, China to prepare for his major Live Concert on the 1st September 2007.

Taiwan Top Model

Taiwan Top Model, Lin Zi Ling 林志玲 currently running a series of road show for OSIM the well-known massage equipment producer. The gorgeous women displayed during the road show of uSqueez new product of Osim.

Long Night again

It has been a long night again... the departure of nanny on Monday, certainly left alot of blues for my family. Finally, I realised that when additional helping hand really help us alot from cooking, washing, feeding or even sleeping... (kinda of miss her... help lar!!!!) Apart from taking care on the normal routine, we (me, pauline and my mom) take rotation like football strategy to take care of baby Sara. It has been a long night for the person taking the night shift. (pauline didn't sleep at all!! amazed!!! and I have to thank her so much because she is the person that need a lot of rest during her confinement month instead of jaga Baby for the whole night... i feel sorry...)

The time table of taking care of Baby Sara distributed into 3 shift, My Mom in the Morning (8 hours), Pauline in the Afternoon (8 hours) and Me in the Night (8 hours)... this is how we define our time, you take as much rest as possible when you are not occupy so that when your shift comes you are as enegetic as the baby... (at last i really feel i'm aging, cannot tahan anymore...)

Today marked the 3rd night of taking care of Baby Sara, writing blog and surf the internet is the only way to kill time.. In order to make myself awake the whole night, research on shares and football is the only entertainment i have.... kinda of weird like i can't even nap if she sleeps beside me...

Baby Sara wakes up every 2 hours in the night... why? the only answer either starving or shit... so my role is simple at night make milk or clean shit... But, sometimes I also experienced that she is not hungry and shit but just cry the whole night... this really out of my control and i have no choice to wake pauline or my mom up to give me a helping hand... sometimes really dont know what the baby wants.

That's all for now... have to make milk again..(adapting fatherhood..)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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ChipIn is very friendly and all online collection and contribution are credited to your PayPal account.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Blog

I've started another blog for my daughter. Yes you can visit it at My Baby Sara

From today onwards, there will be no post on baby in gossip with david. Gossip with David will resume the normal gossip about football, entertainment and anything from the sky.

So this weekend, where you putting your penny in? United and Spurs will definitely grab 3 points after a recent slump in the new campaign of Premiership. The new season of EPL kicked off on the 11th August 2007 and we see quite a number of upset on the first game of EPL new season. With the inclusion of new players and managers in all Premier League club the most outstanding clubs for the opening week were Manchester City, Sunderland, Reading, Derby and Newcastle.

Sunderland lead by Roy Keane (Manager) from the Championship League last season to win a come back in the Premiership upset Tottenham in the opening match with a solid defence and a last minute goal which gained them a solid 3 points ahead of the new campaign in the Premiership.

Manchester City and Newcastle lead by the new managers in charged never disappoint the fans and gained 3 points both defeat West Ham and Bolton away from home.

The most surprised pacakge came from Reading and Derby. Both work very hard on the pitch to draw with champion Manchester United and Portsmouth respectively. Reading displayed a rock defence against the champion and never give up even they are down to 10 men at the last 10 minutes of the game. Manchester United attacking wasn’t effective enough in the entire game and didn’t create much a problem for Reading defence.

Friday, August 17, 2007

MyFM live in Sungai Wang

Lately, I always tuned on to 101.8 MyFM, Malaysia Top Chinese Radio Station when I was driving. Knowing that the DJ and crews will host a Live 50 hours long broadcast in the busiest Golden Triangle, the main entrance of Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur today. The entire live broadcast will last for 50 hours from 17th August until 19 August 2007 and all MyFM DJ and Guests will take part and invited in this memorable event.

In fact, the event is conjuntion with the celebration of MyFM's 9th anniversarry and Malaysia celebrate its 50th independence. All MyFM's DJ will take routine in this 50 hours non stop special broadcast infront of pubic and followers of this radio station 101.8 can catch them live and visit them... (I think of going there midnight see whether they really working or not... mauhaahhahahahha... who wants to join me pls sms me immediately!!!)

Here are some photos...

Some DJ on the floor, I can't recall who are they.... Do you know???

I think this face is quite familiar for all of you... Yes, She is FeiB

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Best Card Tricks

Magic and Card Tricks are fairly common during gathering. If you able to learn a few handful of tricks here I'm sure you will be very popular among friends. So guys and girls if you want to stand out from crowd learn a few tricks below so that people never forget you and your trick.

The youtube I found below is the most interesting card trick I've ever seen so far. Enjoy!!!

Manchester United slump

Manchester United summer spending don't seem to be favaorable for Alex Ferguson team. Subsequent to the inclusion of Anderson, Nani, Owen Hagreaves, Tevez for the preparation to defend their title this season, the champion was upset again yesterday away at Fratton Park and C. Ronaldo was sent off from the pitch.

A disappointed opening campaign for the champion, Manchester United has loss its pace, drawing consecutive games both home and away to Reading and Portsmouth. With a handful of talented strike force, creative midfielders and solid defence the champion once again playing the worst football in their opening matches collecting 2 points and lying at midtable now. What a shameful display and my heart aching...

The new campaign of EPL had created much surprises too especially for Manchester City and Sunderland. Well, the worst performance team should be Tottenham and Manchester United. Tottenham spending about 40 million pound not yet secure a win so far and seating at the bottom of the Premiership and Manchester United drawing both games.

However, it is only the opening matches and do not forget there are still 36 matches to go for all clubs. I believe this weekend Manchester United and Tottenham will grab 3 points from their respective game.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mix Feeling

Today recorded the 13 days of being a father... Mix feeling... Well where the *hell* I have absenced for the pass weeks... Well here is some summary for you guys (not in Malaysia wan...)

The first week of fatherhood or should I say parenthood is not easy stuff... You have to be alert, when little baby cries (either Hungry or Shit...) so I bared the responsibilities of make milk (in the midnight) or clean the little shit for baby ... Obviously, I'm lacked of sleep.... (therefore never update my blog..). Anyway, Pauline also helps along lar... She is the one breastfeed our baby.

Well, all the above task have been taking over by the nanny when she arrived 4 days later... what a relieved for myself, pauline and my parents are exhausted of taking care of baby... I found myself like lost some of my short term memory at that time due to tiredness.

Unfortunately, baby kena jaundice after discharged from the hospital in the 5th day. She had to stayed overnight for 3 Days 2 Nights in the hospital to be observed under the special sunlight. Luckily she recovered in time but the mummy *worried* her so much... muahahahahahaha (hardly see Pauline so kan cheong!!!) A week has passed quickily and we still haven't name her... (according to the Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia we have an allowance of 2 weeks to submit our baby name at any branch of PNM.)

During the 1st and 2nd weeks a lot of friends visited us and baby... appreciate a lot!!! Besides, I have to thanks a few name here. Peng Leong for the big Ang Pow. Ah Shue, Johnson, Max, Law, Grace, Irene, Kay Peng, Joyce, Yin Kee, Kang Han, Suet Han, Esther for the presents like Baby Chair, Clothes and many many more. Thank You so much...

Today marked a historical day for our baby. We have finalised and included a english name in her IC. The final SARA GAN SHIN E. So next time you all can call her Sara or Shin E.

I'll put up photos on my next blog.... (mix feeling no more EPL man...)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

David Beckham's fever

The David Beckham's fever is hot at Los Angeles, California. Becks isn't just a footballer (should I say soccer player) anymore, his rapid reputation in the Beverly Hills has gained him a place as a Guest Starring in the coming Desperate House Wife series. Besides that, Robbie William might have a chance to play as Guest Starring too along side with David Beckham.

The Becks fever is ON now!!!

Leader in the Automotive Industry

Lately, when I can't sleep at night, the only and best way to kill time is surf over the internet. I dropped by at one of this website The Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles ("International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers"), commonly called the OICA, is a federation of automobile manufacturers. It coordinates communication among manufacturers as well as a number of international auto shows.

The most interesting part of the entire research and results which revealed the entire automotive industry's performance, compare the west and the east production, the turnover (sales) by country and many more.

"The world’s automobile industry made over sixtysix million cars, vans, trucks and buses in 2005. These vehicles are essential to the working of the global economy and to the wellbeing of the world’s citizens.

Building sixty-six million vehicles requires the employment of more than eight million people directly in making the vehicles and the parts that go into them. This is over fi ve per cent of the world’s total manufacturing employment. In addition to
these direct employees, about fi ve times more are employed indirectly in related manufacturing and service provision, such that an estimated more than 50 million people earn their living from cars, trucks, buses and coaches."

Quoted from OICA report.

The 2005 report of total car production really caught my attention as the world leader of automotive nation as followed:

1. The United States (11 million cars produced)
2. Japan (10 million cars produced)
3. Germany (5 million cars produced)
4. China (5 million cars produced)
5. South Korea (3.6 million cars produced)
More resuls on car production by country.

Asia is the largest cars production in the world stands at total world production of 28% (Total cars production 2005 were 66 millions). Lead by Japan, China and South Korea. In fact, South Korea really impressed me a lot. They have been emerged as a top 5 producer of cars in the world and with their rapid conglomerates in the world's electrical and electronics industry like giant Samsung and LG. (some fact from wikipedia: In the 1950s, South Korea was one of the poorest countries in Asia. At the end of World War II, the country inherited a colonial economic system designed solely for Japan's needs. Much of the country's infrastructure was destroyed during the Korean War that followed in 1950-1953. After the war, South Korea became heavily dependent on U.S. aid.)I personally think that Samsung, Hyundai and Kia will give a fierce challenge in the automotive industry very soon in the future.

Now what about our local manufacturers Proton and Perodua? Are we improving over the years or we just remained at the same position?

Photo from

The new proton sedan is going to release to the public on the 15th August 2007. Can it make an impact to our local automotive industry?

The most busiest airport in the world

Do you like travelling? Well I like it very much, indeed. But if I ask you which airport do you think is the busiest among the rest? Not the biggest.

Well a lot of people are very stereotyped, the busiest airport must be the city with megalopolis status (city's population more than 20 milion). Let me unveiled the truth for you here.

The 2006 busiest airports standing in the world as followed:-

1. Atlanta (84 million visited)
2. Chicago (77 million visited)
3. London (67 million visited)
4. Tokyo (65 million visited)
5. Los Angeles (61 million visited)
6. Dallas (60 million visited)
7. Paris (56 million visited)
8. Frankfurt (52 million visited)
9. Beijing (48 million visited)
10. Denver (47 million visited)

How about our KLIA Malaysia? We ranked pretty far away from the busier airports above last year. KLIA recorded a 24 million visitors registered in the immigration. Still long way to go... Syabas Malaysia

The findings above proven that megalopolis city isn't the home of busiest airport in the world. According to the magalopolis city ranking only Tokyo and Los Angeles manage to break into the top 10 busiest airports.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Crystal Bra

Have you ever seen 7,296 pieces of crystal on the Bra? The model displayed the special designed crystal bra during the launched.

Bruce Lee Alive

The legend of Bruce Lee will be showing in the cinema not long from now. The artist who will star as Bruce Lee is 陈国坤 (He played the role of goalkeeper in Shaolin Soccer).

Bruce Lee the icon of the 20th century because of his influenced in Chinese Martial Arts (especially "Jeet Kune Do" 截拳道 followed the Bruce Lee's philosophy on fighting), He was remembered as the first to present Chinese Martial Arts to the non-chinese world especially the west. Bruce Lee became an iconic figure particularly to Chinese, as he portrayed Chinese national pride and Chinese nationalism in most of his movies.

Here the alive Bruce Lee 陈国坤 who will star as Bruce Lee in the movie.

Baby again

For the past 3 days, Me and Pauline had become Full-Time daddy and mommy to our little daughter (frankly it isn't easy at all) The sleepless night and restless days begin... but I still happy to do it for her (so far.. hahahahahahhaha)

What a coincidence, on the far east Hong Kong celeb Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung new born baby giving birth on 2nd August 2007.

Photos for my baby (Sara.. tentatively) will be upload after full moon... So, whoever will be back in Malaysia in the end of this month, you are invited to the full moon party.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Welcome Baby!!!

Yesterday 1st August 2007, my wife, Pauline has successfully delivered a 7.9 pounce Baby Daughter, length at 48cm.

To know further on my baby, please follow with the Baby blog. Soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blogger turns into Politician

One of the Malaysia's prominent blogger Jeff Ooi has set himself a side from Blogger to Politician. The move for him is as simple he is out spoken in his blog for any issues related to public and politics. A welcome ceremony being held for him by his mates for joining the political party.

This simply reminds me of him, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger a former Hollywood celebrity turned himself to become a republican then after the Governor.

Jeff Ooi for all it takes you have to be responsible and representable *For the People and For the Party*.

I wish you best of luck!!!

Smoking Kills

How smoking could bring you pleasure? View the below youtube, you will know how smoking will *pleasure* you.

The above experiment done by OZ is simply very truth and I tried out myself in a normal form tissue paper. The TAR looks nasty afterall and stick on the tissue. Think again what will it happen in your lung when you inhale. (scary right?!) Therefore, is time to Quit Smoking.

Party Babe No More

Party babe Paris Hilton this time in deep trouble as she is in jeopardy to inherit wealth from her grandpa, Barron Hilton. After her mix fortune from social life to her bad reputation which has really upset the family, her grandpa is cutting her out for the multi-million will.

Poor Paris Hilton isn't too poor as she has diversify her fame into different businesses from jewellery, watches, fragrance, movie, pet stuff and many more. So grandpa is OK for her not to receive a single penny from the will because she had just sold Hollywood Hills Spanish compound for USD 4,250,000. (Now she is USD 4 million richer!!!)

Good Luck Paris!!!

Best Dress Celebrity

Who do you think the Best Dress Celebrity in Hollywood would be? The newly wed Eva Longoria couple? Tom Cruise and Partner? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

David and Victoria Beckham have outclassed the rest of the Hollywood celebrities this time to win the 68th Vanity Fair, Best Dress Celebrity. The couple has just arrived in LA, California for less than 3 month rumours, gossip, paparazi and media are no way to leave the couple any private time. Currently, they are the most talked about celebrities in Beverly Hills.

David and Victoria Beckham posturing for a photo shoot

Giant getting Marry

NBA basketball chinese star Yao Ming 姚明 is getting Marry anytime this year. The professional basketball player borned in 1980, currently serving for Houston Rockets fly all the way from The United States to take wedding photos with his lovely wife in Hang Zhou, China.

Yao Ming and wife postured for outdoor photo shooting in Hang Zhou.

Congratulation Yao Ming!!!