Saturday, April 28, 2007

The fall of a Star

During my pre university and university time I knew a group of friends all from different background. While we go college and eventually went to same university after all. After graduate everyone heading to their desire industry and our relationship still intact after years we keep in touch and even some we work in the same company.

Time flies our relationship has been close to a decade. We are just like brothers and sisters and shared most of our sorrow and happiness together. Today, I hardly can see most of you (mostly in overseas) as I know everyone has a different destination and ambition in careers and future.

Bad news arrived yesterday when I received a phone call about one of the buddy father in serious illness and admitted to the hospital under ICU for immediate rescue but god likes to fool us. My friend - LAW has been all the way from China take the express route to fly back to Malaysia immediately after he knew the bad news about his illness. He managed to spend not more than 48 hours with his illed father lying in the hospital and pass away yesterday night. All of us received this message and I feel powerless to give him a helping hand as I can give him when we are in uni or during work.

I delivered this message to friends in singapore and malaysia about his father deceased. Ah Law, we are hoping to see you stand strong and my deepest condolence to you and your family members. The fall of a Star and I'm looking you to shine again in the near future.

You know me as a talkative person but at this point of time I also don't know what to tell you and I know your feeling and mood at this time and place isn't good either. One word as I always mentioned to you my friend. We will always stand allign with you whenever or whatever you do. So as this time. Take good care of yourself.

From: Pauline, Yin Kee, Joyce, Peng Leong, Kay Peng, Ai Lim, Chia Chih, Ashley, Kara, Grace, Kang Han, Leslee, Tay, Darrell, Mindy and Me.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


3 English Premier League teams in the 1st Leg of UEFA Champions League semi final. Will there be a all England final display?

After I watched the replay of yesterday game Manchester United edged AC Milan (3-2)and I believe Mancheser United has the quality to send the Italian packing on the second leg. Tonight, Chelsea vs Liverpool will put up another good show for audience who stays late in Asia to watch this 2 power house clashed against each other 2 years ago in the semi final again. Supporters are advise to smoke less during the game and beers are welcome!!!

Enjoy watching football fans!!!

Tour of ShangHai, China

After visited a few cities around Shanghai (HangZhou and SuZhou) on my previous blog I return my trip to Shanghai. This busy city has one in common in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Traffic Jam!!!
Ohhh I hate it most.

Due to the density of the city the development out of the business district is very rapid. Along the highway I noticed a lot of high rise apartments are under construction to cater the huge demand. About 2 hours plus journey from NanJing to ShangHai I arrived in the city again, check in hotel and get a shower. The 5th day in China the temperature drop from 24 Celsius to 8 Celsius. What a cold spring in China.

Later in the evening, I go for dinner at XinTianDi located in the ShangHai city, the place has been the urbant tourists attractions that holds the legacies of the city. The entire place of XinTianDi is unique because of the fashionable ShiKuMen and modern architecture style. You can see a lot of foregein Tourists around the area and the place is popular for western food, pubs and shoppings.

After dinner I travelled down to the most crowded premier shopping street the NanJing Road in Shanghai. The entire street about 3.4 miles long and starts from the bund in the east and end in the west at the Jingan temple. A trackless train can be found on the street for the convenient of tourists and there are many interesting and countless famous brand for shopacholics. Women's favourite... I recommend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tour of NanJing, China

NanJing was one of the 4 great ancient capital of China (BeiJing, NanJing, Xi'an and LoYang). The city of NanJing also served as a capital of China for few dynasty and the last dynasty held the capital in NanJing was under the Ming dynasty. Today, NanJing is the second largest city after Shanghai at the East China region.

According to the locals when you arrived in NanJing you can find historical left over about 600 years ago still remained in this city rich of history. At first I don't really believe until I visited the City Wall of NanJing build by the Emperor of Ming Dynasty (Zhu YanZhang), the City Wall of NanJing is recorded as the longest surviving city wall in the world. To resolve my curiousity I climbed up the wall and I was impressed what my naked eye sees the beauty of this City Wal, most of the part of the wall was destroyed during the Japanese army invaded and occupied NanJing but the left over wall is as long as 30km. You are unable to finish by walking from one end to another end either. After this one of the local friend bring me to the NanJing Massacre Memorial where this memorial is build to remember the history of NanJing people, where there were more than 300,000 people were killed in 6 weeks time during the Japanese occupied period.

Another landmark of NanJing is the ChangJiang Bridge which separated the North and South of China by the YangTze River. During the Sun Yat Sen period this bridge was suppose to build to link the North (BeiJing) and South (ShangHai) as to smooth the transportation and increase the viability to connect the people between two main cities for business and political reason. However, the project of building this bridge was not completed at the time of Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Shek because the American advised this was a mission impossible to build a bridge over the rapid downstream of YangZe River without having high technology and specialists to assist. However, Mao ZeDong believed this bridge is too important for them to link both North and South cities to increase the traffic and prosperity of the region therefore, during the Communist time Mao ZeDong had this bridge build and there are many sacrfices behind this great involvement by the citizen and followers of Mao ZeDong. Today, this bridge is one of the modern landmark of NanJing because of the architeture and design that vehicles and trains are using this bridge daily across the fully occupy YangZe River of China.

Later in the evening, I was accompanied to the ancient red light district - the FuZi Miao. This place was so popular during the ancient time because most of the high rank government's officer and wealthy businessman gathered in this place for drink and women even the emperor will visit once in a blue month. FuZi Miao is along the QinHui River where tourists or visitors can take a boat ride. In fact, as the modernisation and development of the city FuZi Miao's prositution was banned by the centre government and today it is a famous place for restaurant, pubs, night markets for tourists.

Tour of SuZhou, China

After the tour of HangZhou, I was travelling down to SuZhou on a 3 hours journey from HangZhou to visit this ancient city - Venice of the East. SuZhou is one of the preserved World's Cultural Heritages site in China and SuZhou is ranked 3rd behind Beijing and Xi'an for its historical and cultural significant.

The ancient city is no longer in poor shape in fact, the city now has join with Singapore government to develop a modern industrial park in the east of SuZhou. No wonder when I first reached this place I noticed the apartment design and architeture just alike what it has in Singapore. Despite all this SuZhou famous of Silk production has leap forward another milestone that the world must not overlook.

At night I went to "Kuan Qian Jie" to get some local food and the place is far more crowded compare to our Petaling Street. Along the street you can get food, souvenir, local confectionary, painting and etc all this store is located strategically in the shop therefore, you will find the place is crowded but neat. A nice place to shop!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tour of Hang Zhou, China

Hang Zhou located south east of China under the province of ZheChiang. The city is full of history and cultural heritages. The weather at HangZhou is so soothing and suit me as I born in a tropical country in Malaysia and only see Sun and Rain throughout the 365 days. However, HangZhou

When I reached HangZhou and my observation tells me that the residence's lifestyle is not as fast and pressure as those works in Shanghai. They are more concerned about quality and value of life. A few "scenery" that really impressed me in HangZhou first of all, I reached the famous sightseeing spot in HangZhou the West Lake also known as the Oriental Pearl of southeast. During the old time the emperor likes to visit HangZhou (also known as JiangNam) because of the beautiful sightseeing scenery of West Lake.

Second "scenery" I noticed is HangZhou really doesn't have any over-weight people on the street. My friend even bet with me that if I could find a single over-weight fellow on the street she will buy me a decent dinner for my trip. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one on the street after few hours in the city to search for my free dinner. Sigh. Well do you feel surprise? Any magic behind HangZhou people's lifestyle? Indeed, there is a secret behind it. At HangZhou you hardly can look for a place to buy a cup of coffee and spend your day for some reading at the cafe. However, there are plenty of places to drink tea (The Dragon Well green tea) the fact that from the local "a cup of tea a day, can keep your fat away and stay more healthier". The rural area around HangZhou is famous for its high productive of agricultural products especially tea.

At night I was accompany by a few local to watch a cultural show in the city. The most intersting part of the entire show was the last performance of Thousand Hands Kuan Yin that wins alot of applause from the floor.

I've fully occupy my time in HangZhou and enjoy the lifestyle of HangZhou people slow, relax and quality life.

Shanghai Trip- Day 1

When my flight touched down at the Pudong Airport of Shanghai I can feel the breeze from the air it is spring in China weather is good and the airport is huge. Once I get down from the plane I was advice by a friend to take an experience of the world's fastest train - the Shanghai's Maglev Train from airport to Shanghai City. Wooohhh the journey from airport to downtown only takes approximately 7 minutes by Maglev Train and the speed reaches the peak of 431 km/h. This is incredibaly fast and efficient and it only cost you RMB 50. So, if anyone plan to go Shanghai take this opportunity to experience the top speed of world's most sophisticated train.

The traffic in Shanghai is so congested even during non peak hours. I quickily get a bite at a most convenient restaurant downtown and start my journey to my first destination HangZhou.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Return, Shanghai - China

The trip to Shanghai, China is an eye-opener for me. Besides, the rich history and culture Shanghai is one of the upmost dynamic city in the world. Backing up with approximately 20 million population surrounded in Shanghai and the city with the landmark of Asia's Tallest Tower. Shanghai is the most busiets ports and largest city of the People's Republic of China.

Whenever I finished travel a city (HangZhou, SuZhou, NanJing and Shanghai) it really brigthens my mind and thoughts for many things from history, culture, business, environment and society. China is no longer a poor and undeveloped country as you think or see and Malaysia is easily 3 to 5 years time behind them or even more. No joke.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Impact to the Society

2 months ago when my friend forward me a link from youtube this fellow has about 10,000 plus hit wave for his video clip at youtube. I forward it to a couple of my friends a month later to share his song and come to know this fellow has break the 200,000 hit wave by singing for his hometown Muar, Johor, Malaysia. Do you believe it?

Really a long time I've never see such an entertaining MTV produced by a Malaysian and yet the lyrics are so true to the earth that I wish to give him some credit on his effort. Then, I think again will this guy come out another hit for himself on youtube in the near future?

Truly the answer is YES, he has another song out on youtube again. Believe it or not I guarantee his second video clip on youtube will break the first one in the very near future.

Malaysian has always been a follower in much of the industries....Name a few to me if you know we are leader in the world. We are not innovative enough to create much an impact to our own good or to our society. Who buried all the ideas or there is no ideas from the floor?

What are you malaysian waitng for? Let's do something you think could impact the society?

In fact, I have one idea before the year 2007 begun, I discussed with few friends about grouping a team of different car owners to do a road show parade for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 so that every tourists can see our spirit of supporting government project and we as warganegara of Malaysia could land some social responsibility to the society too.

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Day

Yesterday when I was thinking ways to increase traffic to my blog I browse over google and I found HIM. Well I truly appreciate and impressed with his work for updating the blog and provide so many valuable information in his blog. In fact, he has brighten me a bit by giving few tips that I should look into for creating traffic to my blog and doubtless I'll try it.

Once again thank you for your prompt reply yesterday Hong Kiat. Good Job. Cheers!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'll be away to Shanghai

I'll be away for Shanghai, China tomorrow for 9 Days.

This blog will not update anything until I come back from there on.

Hopefully there is another sun rise for my business till then.

Good Day guys!!!

Friendly Game

Yesterday I went for a friendly soccer game @ Shah Alam, Panasonic Stadium. I think I have been out about 2 years never played in such a big pitch a bit nervous but yet feel excited.

The game was full of fun that even our team was trashed 7-3 but it is another good experience for me as I only knew 2 of the member in our team and the rest are just strangers to me but we still manage to play more or less a team. (Normally friendly game isn't that friendly and always end up with unhappy incidents. You know what I mean)

No mutual understanding of team work has established but I think through this visit I will join them for the coming games and I truly believe we will play better.

The process of the game is just like work or our life we are looking forward to score but eventually we failed. Just like work we intend to spend time for the work and it didn't reward. But never Give Up. Let the passion moves. Don't fear about failure as everyone learn from mistakes or pass. This is merely a comparison to our life.

So next time if you are require to do something that is no reward or return just do it from your heart you will definitely do better. Always remember don't look for self interest but see the overall picture. You will be much happier.

Team Work

Team Work has this word familiar and come across to you during your daily meeting, group discussion, game and etc the leader always stressed about Team Work.

In this sophisticated society no one can survive through One Man Show, to make thing happens we required team work, collaboration or alliances if not chances of failure is pretty high. Try me if you disagree.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

What inspire You

To success in workplace we need passion that make us move forward. Despite all the hurdles infront of us the only way out to stay focus is what moves you. It could be a short term plan or a long term plan to let our foot stay on course all the time.

Planning is vital part in the whole process. If you do not plan accordingly your short term and long term plan will just mess up as it is seen. In fact, if we plan and did not record it down it will end up like we did not even started a plan as our brain always works faster than physical.

Put pen to paper from now for your plan and below is what I willing to share with you and it works.

1. Prepare a list of short term plan and long term plan.
2. Cut down the plan and select only 3 plans.
3. Ask yourself how long from now to achieve the short term plan
4. If you succeed what's next. (rewards yourself)
5. Is the short term plan co-related to the long term plan
6. If yes just make both happens within your schedule
7. Time keeping for the long term plan
8. Every morning remind yourself of the long term plan
9. Do not give up when failure turn up share it to friends
10. Last but not least, keep the Passion of Fire Burns.

Monday blues....

Share the Cake

In real life people around us do not really share. They feel fear, inferior or useless if one know too much of the information or ideas. In fact, they don't realise how beautiful is a bare ideas, people could only understand what is the ideas but do not know how to use it. So in returns what you fear to share?

The difference here is culture of east and west. Western they like to share like youtube because of sharing video clips on the internet they being targeted by IT giant google in one of the most talked acquisition to date. As a comparison what do eastern has to offer to share to the world?

Ideas are too good to be shared as from sharing you will only realise that we start to meet new allies, prospect or even friends like most of the blogger. The objective of a blog is to "share" with others therefore bloggers out there are sharing the experience, technology, story and many more in their blog daily to increase their own traffic.

They even make money out from their traffic as more and more people view their blog. Then, they slowly started off with their own community to strengthen their influences on blog. I'm quite impress of the power of sharing on the blog when I first started writing.

Sharing your thoughts or ideas will not harm you but it will only invite unexpected comments that you could improve from there on. This will only benefit to you and makes your ideas more integrated. Do you want to be the next "somebody" most talked about in the future then you have Share It!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Office do's and don'ts

Living in a multi-racial country like Malaysia, the office's culture is totally different compare to single racial country like japan or korea. How are we going to deal with the office dos and don'ts with the colourful background in the office.

Office is a virtual battle field for everyone looking for to stand or shine out from the crowd. What ideas do you have to stand out from the crowd? In fact, office is a place when action is not speak louder than word.

How to become a blue-eye-boy? How to get a double promotion? How to achieve a Guiness Record? (without throwing few jugs of beer into your stomach)

The 3 simple ways to combat on such environment are:-

1. Do what you require to do
2. Say what you needed to say
3 Hear what is only for you

This is the basic rules for freshie. If you do not want to fall out from the corporate world. However, to enjoy the work you must stay motivated for each and every assignment that assigned to you. Prepare for your own glory.

I received a few comment from my friends that "work is only work" just stay happy.

I feel the same way too. Why bother the dos or don'ts

Enjoy the weekends.... ;P

Friday, April 6, 2007

Morning Afternoon Evening

If you pay attention to the people around you during morning hours everyone is rushing for work to clock in on time.

During lunch time, you will notice food court, restaurant or even mamak store big crowd standing and waiting for seats to grab for lunch.

Between 17:30 to 18:30 the most interesting scene of all traffic in downtown Kuala Lumpur is jam-packed. Everyone leaving the office on the dot and heading to home.

Are you one of them?

No doubt I'm one of them. Obviously everyone needs to work so as me. But do you realise why the above scenario best describe us.

Let's analyse the above 3 different timing. First of all, the morning section we always go to office on time as we need to have a breakfast before the start of the day so that we can be more focus on our work for the entire day.

On the boss's view (morning)
At 9:00AM, David meets the boss in the morning before David greets "Good Morning". The boss raise his voice why you are late? I need your report right away on my desk. David swallow the "Good Morning"....

David has left a bad impression on the boss perception as he meets the boss the wrong time and the wrong place.

Don't blame your boss that raise his voice early in the morning to you and you should be smart to handle this incident the next time.

On the boss view (Afternoon)
David having lunch with a couple of colleagues in the restaurant. The boss approaching his way alone. David quickily wave his hand voluntarily (to get the eye contact from the boss) and offers a seat to the boss and order his favourite drinks for him.

David has successfully gain his confident on the boss because of his sincerity that he offers a seat to the boss who is alone. Finally, they finished the lunch at 15:00 and nothing happen eventually.

Take care of your Boss, he or she is still human anyway. ;P

On the boss view (Evening)
The office clock is approaching 17:30 everyone is looking forward what to do next after work the females are discuss about facial, trim hair and etc the guys are updating the hotspot for happy hours and the married one are busy heading home. As the clock approached 17:30 all of them leave their work station for their activities. David remained on his workstation. At 18:00 the boss passed by and noticed David is still around and he walks towards David and tells him not to work too late and continue with the hard work.

David has totally gained the confident from the boss as he is the last one to leave the office.

So do you want to be notice by the boss?

To survive in the office there are still a lot of technics and tricks. But always remember be sincere.

Do your best and god will do the rest!!

Happy Reading..

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Workplace a Fun Place?

Every year we see large group of people changing jobs after year end and everyone of them are looking for the DREAM JOB that give them the job security with good remuneration and attractive incentives. Well at here I need to give the credit to google as it has been newly crown for the 100 Best Companies to work for 2007 by Fortune. I believe most of you know why google is the best among the rest if you do not know I think you are living in the stone age. ;p

Take a second to re-think is your workplace a fun place?

Needless to upset with the current situation that you encountered in your workplace as your company is totally a different category as compared to google and COMPARISON shouldn't take place at all. Please do not feel disappointed with what I trying to differentiate. For instance, do you think a public accounting firm employer would implement the "Google Way"? I don't think so as professionalism always come first and every employee must not overlook every aspect from the employee handbook.

How to make your workplace a fun place? Ask yourself.

1. Do you satisfy with your job scope?
2. Do you enjoy with what you are working for?
3. Do you set a short term and a long term goal for youself in the company?
4. Do you think of absent to work the next day?
5. Do you feel like job hopping?

The above are some questions that I would like to share with you if you are tiring of working with your current employement. If the answer from Q1 to Q3 is NO ( i think you should quit now)

Therefore, if you could get a job that provides you positive answer from Q1 to Q3 you will automatically make your workplace a fun place. Believe me as I am doing the same thing right now.

Good Day!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Gossip with DaviD

For the past several months I always share different topcis with one of my associate after working hours, we think that internet has been playing a pretty big part in everyone life (we don't take into account for those third world country people) yet we noticed that all white colar community cannot live without it. So are you the one?

Doubtless to say that internet has connect us from home to office, from east to west and even from the "AIR" (the wireless). Indeed, this powerful tools of today's technology has make me to start a blog to share with people all around the world.

I would like to start my simple blog with Gossip with David... well what do you think next I will elaborate from my title.

"NO".... It is not really accurate but something close. I would take this opportunity to gossip about a simple word "NO". What most people fear to hear from their boss, customer, client, prospect, suppliers, love one or even family is a simple word "NO".... Why people fear about being reject, decline or refuse..... The only reason is human brain only accept postive comment and at the same time reject negative comment that resulted we are fear to the word "NO".

Well do you think how to combat the word "NO" here is a little tricks for people reading my blog it might not be 100% ture but in certain cases it does help.

1. Pretend you didn't hear it and continue with your topic.
2. Pardon me can you repeat what you say!!
3. Listen to their needs and try to come back again in the future with improvement.

As a professional we must be ethical in our work place therefore, some of this tricks didn't teach you from books but from experience. I hope that you enjoy this little tricks.