Saturday, April 7, 2007

Office do's and don'ts

Living in a multi-racial country like Malaysia, the office's culture is totally different compare to single racial country like japan or korea. How are we going to deal with the office dos and don'ts with the colourful background in the office.

Office is a virtual battle field for everyone looking for to stand or shine out from the crowd. What ideas do you have to stand out from the crowd? In fact, office is a place when action is not speak louder than word.

How to become a blue-eye-boy? How to get a double promotion? How to achieve a Guiness Record? (without throwing few jugs of beer into your stomach)

The 3 simple ways to combat on such environment are:-

1. Do what you require to do
2. Say what you needed to say
3 Hear what is only for you

This is the basic rules for freshie. If you do not want to fall out from the corporate world. However, to enjoy the work you must stay motivated for each and every assignment that assigned to you. Prepare for your own glory.

I received a few comment from my friends that "work is only work" just stay happy.

I feel the same way too. Why bother the dos or don'ts

Enjoy the weekends.... ;P

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