Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Gossip with DaviD

For the past several months I always share different topcis with one of my associate after working hours, we think that internet has been playing a pretty big part in everyone life (we don't take into account for those third world country people) yet we noticed that all white colar community cannot live without it. So are you the one?

Doubtless to say that internet has connect us from home to office, from east to west and even from the "AIR" (the wireless). Indeed, this powerful tools of today's technology has make me to start a blog to share with people all around the world.

I would like to start my simple blog with Gossip with David... well what do you think next I will elaborate from my title.

"NO".... It is not really accurate but something close. I would take this opportunity to gossip about a simple word "NO". What most people fear to hear from their boss, customer, client, prospect, suppliers, love one or even family is a simple word "NO".... Why people fear about being reject, decline or refuse..... The only reason is human brain only accept postive comment and at the same time reject negative comment that resulted we are fear to the word "NO".

Well do you think how to combat the word "NO" here is a little tricks for people reading my blog it might not be 100% ture but in certain cases it does help.

1. Pretend you didn't hear it and continue with your topic.
2. Pardon me can you repeat what you say!!
3. Listen to their needs and try to come back again in the future with improvement.

As a professional we must be ethical in our work place therefore, some of this tricks didn't teach you from books but from experience. I hope that you enjoy this little tricks.

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