Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tour of Hang Zhou, China

Hang Zhou located south east of China under the province of ZheChiang. The city is full of history and cultural heritages. The weather at HangZhou is so soothing and suit me as I born in a tropical country in Malaysia and only see Sun and Rain throughout the 365 days. However, HangZhou

When I reached HangZhou and my observation tells me that the residence's lifestyle is not as fast and pressure as those works in Shanghai. They are more concerned about quality and value of life. A few "scenery" that really impressed me in HangZhou first of all, I reached the famous sightseeing spot in HangZhou the West Lake also known as the Oriental Pearl of southeast. During the old time the emperor likes to visit HangZhou (also known as JiangNam) because of the beautiful sightseeing scenery of West Lake.

Second "scenery" I noticed is HangZhou really doesn't have any over-weight people on the street. My friend even bet with me that if I could find a single over-weight fellow on the street she will buy me a decent dinner for my trip. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one on the street after few hours in the city to search for my free dinner. Sigh. Well do you feel surprise? Any magic behind HangZhou people's lifestyle? Indeed, there is a secret behind it. At HangZhou you hardly can look for a place to buy a cup of coffee and spend your day for some reading at the cafe. However, there are plenty of places to drink tea (The Dragon Well green tea) the fact that from the local "a cup of tea a day, can keep your fat away and stay more healthier". The rural area around HangZhou is famous for its high productive of agricultural products especially tea.

At night I was accompany by a few local to watch a cultural show in the city. The most intersting part of the entire show was the last performance of Thousand Hands Kuan Yin that wins alot of applause from the floor.

I've fully occupy my time in HangZhou and enjoy the lifestyle of HangZhou people slow, relax and quality life.

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