Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friendly Game

Yesterday I went for a friendly soccer game @ Shah Alam, Panasonic Stadium. I think I have been out about 2 years never played in such a big pitch a bit nervous but yet feel excited.

The game was full of fun that even our team was trashed 7-3 but it is another good experience for me as I only knew 2 of the member in our team and the rest are just strangers to me but we still manage to play more or less a team. (Normally friendly game isn't that friendly and always end up with unhappy incidents. You know what I mean)

No mutual understanding of team work has established but I think through this visit I will join them for the coming games and I truly believe we will play better.

The process of the game is just like work or our life we are looking forward to score but eventually we failed. Just like work we intend to spend time for the work and it didn't reward. But never Give Up. Let the passion moves. Don't fear about failure as everyone learn from mistakes or pass. This is merely a comparison to our life.

So next time if you are require to do something that is no reward or return just do it from your heart you will definitely do better. Always remember don't look for self interest but see the overall picture. You will be much happier.

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