Friday, April 6, 2007

Morning Afternoon Evening

If you pay attention to the people around you during morning hours everyone is rushing for work to clock in on time.

During lunch time, you will notice food court, restaurant or even mamak store big crowd standing and waiting for seats to grab for lunch.

Between 17:30 to 18:30 the most interesting scene of all traffic in downtown Kuala Lumpur is jam-packed. Everyone leaving the office on the dot and heading to home.

Are you one of them?

No doubt I'm one of them. Obviously everyone needs to work so as me. But do you realise why the above scenario best describe us.

Let's analyse the above 3 different timing. First of all, the morning section we always go to office on time as we need to have a breakfast before the start of the day so that we can be more focus on our work for the entire day.

On the boss's view (morning)
At 9:00AM, David meets the boss in the morning before David greets "Good Morning". The boss raise his voice why you are late? I need your report right away on my desk. David swallow the "Good Morning"....

David has left a bad impression on the boss perception as he meets the boss the wrong time and the wrong place.

Don't blame your boss that raise his voice early in the morning to you and you should be smart to handle this incident the next time.

On the boss view (Afternoon)
David having lunch with a couple of colleagues in the restaurant. The boss approaching his way alone. David quickily wave his hand voluntarily (to get the eye contact from the boss) and offers a seat to the boss and order his favourite drinks for him.

David has successfully gain his confident on the boss because of his sincerity that he offers a seat to the boss who is alone. Finally, they finished the lunch at 15:00 and nothing happen eventually.

Take care of your Boss, he or she is still human anyway. ;P

On the boss view (Evening)
The office clock is approaching 17:30 everyone is looking forward what to do next after work the females are discuss about facial, trim hair and etc the guys are updating the hotspot for happy hours and the married one are busy heading home. As the clock approached 17:30 all of them leave their work station for their activities. David remained on his workstation. At 18:00 the boss passed by and noticed David is still around and he walks towards David and tells him not to work too late and continue with the hard work.

David has totally gained the confident from the boss as he is the last one to leave the office.

So do you want to be notice by the boss?

To survive in the office there are still a lot of technics and tricks. But always remember be sincere.

Do your best and god will do the rest!!

Happy Reading..

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