Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tour of SuZhou, China

After the tour of HangZhou, I was travelling down to SuZhou on a 3 hours journey from HangZhou to visit this ancient city - Venice of the East. SuZhou is one of the preserved World's Cultural Heritages site in China and SuZhou is ranked 3rd behind Beijing and Xi'an for its historical and cultural significant.

The ancient city is no longer in poor shape in fact, the city now has join with Singapore government to develop a modern industrial park in the east of SuZhou. No wonder when I first reached this place I noticed the apartment design and architeture just alike what it has in Singapore. Despite all this SuZhou famous of Silk production has leap forward another milestone that the world must not overlook.

At night I went to "Kuan Qian Jie" to get some local food and the place is far more crowded compare to our Petaling Street. Along the street you can get food, souvenir, local confectionary, painting and etc all this store is located strategically in the shop therefore, you will find the place is crowded but neat. A nice place to shop!!

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