Thursday, April 12, 2007

Impact to the Society

2 months ago when my friend forward me a link from youtube this fellow has about 10,000 plus hit wave for his video clip at youtube. I forward it to a couple of my friends a month later to share his song and come to know this fellow has break the 200,000 hit wave by singing for his hometown Muar, Johor, Malaysia. Do you believe it?

Really a long time I've never see such an entertaining MTV produced by a Malaysian and yet the lyrics are so true to the earth that I wish to give him some credit on his effort. Then, I think again will this guy come out another hit for himself on youtube in the near future?

Truly the answer is YES, he has another song out on youtube again. Believe it or not I guarantee his second video clip on youtube will break the first one in the very near future.

Malaysian has always been a follower in much of the industries....Name a few to me if you know we are leader in the world. We are not innovative enough to create much an impact to our own good or to our society. Who buried all the ideas or there is no ideas from the floor?

What are you malaysian waitng for? Let's do something you think could impact the society?

In fact, I have one idea before the year 2007 begun, I discussed with few friends about grouping a team of different car owners to do a road show parade for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 so that every tourists can see our spirit of supporting government project and we as warganegara of Malaysia could land some social responsibility to the society too.

What do you think?

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Michael Song said...

that Muar guy was really cool.