Saturday, March 29, 2008

Journey to London Bridge (part 5)

The journey from LA to Grand Canyon is not easy. Along the way i've captured the above photos. 1 word to describe DRY and BORED. Sien ar....

At first, I'm disbelieved. London Bridge in United States? In fact, this is one of the older version of London Bridge being moved out from England to rest in this peace of US land. The entire bridge is bought over by a tycoon from United States in the early days... anyway before you and me is born lar...

Pauline postured with the London Bridge certificate.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Universal Studio, Hollywood (Part 4)

This is the Universal Studio in Hollywood, California. Do you know there are how manay Universal Studios in the world? Basically, Universal Studios set its base in California but they have 5 different Universal Studio across the globe. United States have 2 one in California (west coast) and the other one in Orlando (east coast) and the rest are located in different countries like Japan, Dubai, Singapore and South Korea.

This is headquarter of Universal Studios, Hollywood. a lot of movies and dreams start from here... the entire area i think is as big as a township. probably bigger...

This seems familiar to you??? Continue...

Yes. Part of the Tokyo Drift special effects taken in the Universal Studios. Cool!!!

Another special effects. A quiet village... what next?



Tsunami hits a mexican village!!! The entire special effects of flood take less than 5 seconds. Amazing Universal Studios!!!

Very familiar with this neighbourhood... bingo is Desperate Housewife.

The complete Universal Studios tour could only complete if you spend 2 or 3 days. Due to the tight schedule we give up a lot of exciting games inside the studios. To see more photos check on my facebook.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Best Trip Los Angeles, Hollywood (Part 3)

After the trip to San Diego and Sea World the Next day we are heading to Hollywood the soil of world Entertainment. This is the place of birth to alot of celebrities from United States across Europe and Asia. Hollywood is the place for those who dare to dream and take up the challenges in the entertainment industry.

We reached Hollywood in the morning and most of the shops still hanging a big "CLOSE" sign on the door step (as they open till late midnight on daily basis). During the Oscar the whole street of Hollywood will be closed and red carpet will roll over the entire street as the walk way.

The hollywood in the morning, pretty quiet. Opposite is the Ripley's museum.
Catch your favourite celebrities foot print here at Hollywood. Along the Hollywood street there are more than 1000 over footprints of celebrities who contributed to the Entertainment industry... not play play....

Of course i catch my favourite actor the treasure hunter, the face off, he is the man Mr Nicholas Cage. I can't find Bruce Lee here.... :(
Look at the floor, all the "stars" is named after the celebrities (opps i also forgot who we step on don't curse me... muahahahhahhhhahah)

This is the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood boulevard, Hollywood alot of premieres being held here. To know more about The Chinese Theatre. Click here.
Look who is it. Mr John Woo. That's right is him, right infront of The Chinese Theatre.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Best Trip, Part 2 (San Diego)

This is my 2nd post and continuos of my first post about my holiday to Los Angeles. Well have not much explain about Los Angeles, the weather in LA is really really nice the average weather is between 10 celcius to 18 celcius (whole year). Unlike other places the winter is like spring and you get a lot of sunshine in LA. (no wonder David Beckham & family move out from UK)

for better viewing, click the photo to enlarge

Look... this is the photo i taken from my hotel. the mountain infront is covered by snow. According to the locals you can do whatever you like in LA. During winter time you can go to the beach like summer after the beach you can go up the hill for skiing then come back to the lively city for entertainment at night.

After a good rest, the next day itinery is Sea World in San Diego, south of california near the Mexico border. San Diego is not only famous because of Sea World, it is also well known as the United States Navy Headquarter. Besides, San Diego also named as one of the best city to live in United States because of good weather and resourceful. THe journey from LA to San Diego takes approximately 2 hours plus along the way we pass by the Orange County and the Training camp of US Navy and Army and we saw this!!!

Yes... this is her the Star of India (if you want to know more about Star of India CLICK here)

After taking a much long journey by coach, we have to catch up for a cruise tour along the San Diego bay where there are alot of Military Ship docked there.

Me and Pauline posing before the cruise start.

Yes, this photo is worth to shout about... why? This is a mobile hospital ship which travel to give aid for navy and army during war. the capacity of this "hospital ship" is technically speaking bigger than a landed hospital more than 500 rooms and i think 100 ICU... walau can you imagine how many nurse is working inside? muahhahahahahhahha...

I can't recalled what does it call for this statue. But it is famous because of a Nurse fall in love with a Sailor and they met again after war. this statute appeared as the front page of TIME during that time.

after the long winded history about war and victory... pauline can't help herself to put me in this camera mode... the oldies

in return, i also put her back to the post-war time. after US army successfully won on the 2nd World War. muahhahhahahhahahhahah

THis is it for the San Diego post. The next post will be on Sea World.