Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Best Trip Los Angeles, Hollywood (Part 3)

After the trip to San Diego and Sea World the Next day we are heading to Hollywood the soil of world Entertainment. This is the place of birth to alot of celebrities from United States across Europe and Asia. Hollywood is the place for those who dare to dream and take up the challenges in the entertainment industry.

We reached Hollywood in the morning and most of the shops still hanging a big "CLOSE" sign on the door step (as they open till late midnight on daily basis). During the Oscar the whole street of Hollywood will be closed and red carpet will roll over the entire street as the walk way.

The hollywood in the morning, pretty quiet. Opposite is the Ripley's museum.
Catch your favourite celebrities foot print here at Hollywood. Along the Hollywood street there are more than 1000 over footprints of celebrities who contributed to the Entertainment industry... not play play....

Of course i catch my favourite actor the treasure hunter, the face off, he is the man Mr Nicholas Cage. I can't find Bruce Lee here.... :(
Look at the floor, all the "stars" is named after the celebrities (opps i also forgot who we step on don't curse me... muahahahhahhhhahah)

This is the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood boulevard, Hollywood alot of premieres being held here. To know more about The Chinese Theatre. Click here.
Look who is it. Mr John Woo. That's right is him, right infront of The Chinese Theatre.

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