Monday, November 12, 2007

Live n Loud Ticket newsletter

Live n Loud KL 07 brings an exceptional November for music lovers. This event is the first of its kind in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia just like the Rain Forest Musical Festival in Sarawak (Borneo Malaysia). This sensational event will be carry on in 10 different venue in 10 different days and it brings in a wide range of musics from Jazz to Pop as well as Acoustic to the 80's.

In conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year, Live n Loud proudly presents this inaugural event for both overseas tourists as well as the local community to spot their favourite artists on stage. The performance of Chinese All Stars and Turn on the Pop are highly rated to be one of the MUST see event throughout the 10 days. The venue of this 2 events will be held in Bukit Kiara Equesterian Park, Kuala Lumpur and it starts from 15:00 till 24:00.

The Chinese All Stars will kick off as the first event of Live n Loud on the 25 November 2007 from 15:00 to 24:00 and it will be featuring with Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong artists, some of the familiar name like Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei) 张惠妹 • Michael Wong 光良 • Fish Leong 梁静茹 • Victor Wong 品冠 • Andrew Tan 陈势安 • Zhang Zhen Yue 张震岳 • Claire Kuo 郭静 • Vincy Chan 泳儿 • Kenny Kwan 关智斌.

In the mean time, you can catch your favourite pop stars in this 9-hour musical marathon, Turn on the Pop on 1 December 2007, the event will be featured with United States artists like Whitney Houston, Elliot Yamin, Shaggy, Project Pop, James Taylor Quartet, Joe Flizzow and Hannah Tan (Malaysian).

For those who are intersted to buy and participate in this Live n Loud concert, you can get your TICKET HERE or Contact PamperZone (for bulk purchase minimum 20 pieces, will give you a competitive prize.)

For those who puchase online via there will be surprise give away from the owner of the site like, free hotel accomodation, F&B voucher and many more. Act now!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

My favourite Singer

Who is your favourite singer? Well, He is one of my favourite singer,Jay Chou 周杰倫. I knew about his existence back to year 2001, when I still staying in Melbourne, Australia completing my final year of uni life. One of my friend bought his album Jay and asked me to listen together without refer to the lyris.

I was amazed that we can't understand what he is singing even we understand mandarin but his outstanding way of carrying the songs really amazed alot. But the way he speaks Mandarin really confused many because you hardly can understand the word from his mouth which make him special and and bring him fame for the pass 6 years. Being the most popular chinese male singer in Taiwan, China and alot of places. He even won the rookie in movies industry after the successful film of Initial D, a famous Japanese Comics. The movie also name after the comics.

Here are some Jay Chou new songs for all.

New song: Rainbow

Song title: Bu Ne Suo De Mi Mi (Secret)
From the Movie Secret (one of the most talk about movie this year)
Rate: Must Watch.

Sont title: Yi Lu Siang Bei (Go North)
From the Movie Initial D (Jay Chou maiden movie)
Rate: Must Watch.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gary Cao

Gary Cao 曹格 one of the my favourite Malaysian male artist. Besides his look he got a very good voice!!! Enjoy his MV below...

Song title: Juliet & Romeo

Song title: Superwoman (Mandarin version)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Music for All

Counting down the days of Live N Loud KL 2007 is less than 2 weeks. From today onwards i'll post music to join the sensational event which will be held in Malaysia from 23 Nov to 3 Dec 2007. Get your Live n Loud Ticket here.

A sad news is I don't see most of my favourite artist performing on this event therefore i'll post some of the songs that I like for the entire month of November. Let's enjoy the HIT of music.

Well today i'll post the music play by famous Indonesia band call NIDJI. Enjoy!!

Song title: Heaven (Heroes)

Song title: Sudah (trasnlate: Done)

Sont title: Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta (translate: When I Fall in Love)