Thursday, May 31, 2007


Manchester United has signed on a double deal this summer for Anderson (Brazilian) and Nani (Portugese) from FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon respectively. Besides, Owen Hargreaves is another addition from the transfer window to the Red Devils in July 2007. Good news again Manchester United!!!

The new season of English Premier League 2007 - 2008 will be very entertaining from the transfer window itself, we see 3 Manchester United players with that kind of outstanding skills display in our big screen TV. Wah!!!! Great stuff right..

The skills from C.Ronaldo, Anderson and Nina undoubtedly will create a very busy side for other EPL teams' defense. HA HA HA.... I don't fancy about anything here but indeed I'm happy to see them in action for English Premier League side at least we can see them Live on Astro. Ha Ha Ha...

Furthermore, the Live Commentator for EPL is TOP CLASS compare to the Italian (Serie A), Spanish (La Liga) and German (Bunsdeliga) League are very far behind and (Damn Lousy!!!)

Can't wait to see them in action together for RED DEVILS!!!



Christiano Ronaldo

Manchester United when you can lift another Treble again...

I hope Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool do some good purchase during this summer transfer window to add some spice in the best league in the world English Premier League. So What are you waiting for Managers?? Keep you ass moving!!!

Malaysia Your Holiday Destination

Refer to my PREVIOUS POST I had promised to post at least once a week on topic about Malaysia Your Holiday Destination.

Today I would like to introduce places you must not miss to visit in Malaysia -Island and Beaches in Malaysia.

Malaysia is situated in South East Asia region that covers by the Sea of Melaka and South China Sea. There are so many wonderful islands located in Peninsular and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). The adventures of Island explore that will definitely bring you to experience a total marine life, beautiful islands, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that will lure you to come here again and again. For those who like to experience Island escape trip, Malaysia is one of the country that you should not miss as Malaysia is fast becoming a leading dive destination for tourists around the world.

I personally like to go holiday break on Island to escape from the busy city life and re-charge myself. There are so many activity you can do on island like scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, beach activities and etc...

Here are some of the Island and Beaches photos in Malaysia to share and Take a break...

If you want to know more about Malaysia click on Pamper Zone.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For those people who fancy TOYOTA please be patient, TOYOTA Malaysia will release 2 new models TOYOTA ALTIS and TOYOTA VIOS by this year according to the TOYOTA salesman lar...

Yesterday me and pauline drop by at one of the TOYOTA showroom in Kuala Lumpur and she quite fancy the new VIOS but the salesman recommended us to wait if we do not need the car urgently as TOYOTA Thailand and Singapore has respectively launched the new Toyota Vios in their countries. (How come Malaysia always the last one??) Malaysia will probably launch it on September 2007.

Don't guess how it looks like... Here are some photos of the New Toyota Vios

I pretty fancy with the last photos because it just nicely fit my golf set. HA HA HA...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Restaurant Business in Malaysia

If you have a chance to start a business which you can be a taukeh (English = owner)and no longer work for others what you want to do? Well my dream is to open a cafe in Kuala Lumpur those like in Flinders Lane, Melbourne selling coffee, sandwiches, pastries, confectionary and take away... A place for people or friends to meet up or gathering. Interesting right, but the dream is still far away.... HA HA HA...

Well for the last whole week I was hectic about running on prepartion to start up for a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur... (P/S. Don't congrates me, I'm not the owner yet!!!) Sigh I was merely giving a helping hand for the owner (foreigner) ONLY!!! Groans....

The dream to start a restaurant or cafe in Malaysia isn't easy for new starter but you'll learn the business methodology along the way if you have a good advicer to guide you along and with sufficient fund to run the daily operation. If you don't have please seek help from others if not I just feel that you're dumping your precious savings to the sea. (After I've get myself involved so many since last week... a good experience as I feel that I'm running the show instead of the boss!!!)

There are so many things that you must look into consideration before the start up of the cafe or restaurant business in Malaysia. Here are some tips for you:
1. Renovation (Give your restaurant a theme so that your renovation is according to it)
2. Location (If you want to have high turnover on your restaurant go for high density areas, the rental will be pretty high but I'm sure it could covered your cost in the end)
3. Materials (Source yourself instead of asking middleman to help you. You will pick up a lot of knowledge from there on)
4. Licences (Application of licences)
5. Staff
6. Cleaniness
7. Last but not least, FUND

If you have the overall ideas of the above in place I think your restaurant will be running smoothly.

How to calculate the break even of the business? (For new starter)

A simple calculation as follows:
Walk in customer 100 daily
Average spending per person RM5.00
Monthly turnover 100 X RM5.00 = 500 per day X 30 Days = RM15,000

Less your expenditure
Rental RM X,XXX
Staff RM X,XXX
Material RM X,XXX

Month Turnover - Monthly Expenditure = Net profit

If you can resolve the above equation, You can start a restaurant in Malaysia!!!

To know more about restaurant in Malaysia please go to Western Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, and Local delights or click on Pamper Zone.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Malaysia your holiday destination, A project by Malaysia Bloggers with AllMalaysia.Info

Malaysia your holiday destination this summer, I've recently join a contest with AllMalaysia.Info(I'm not looking forward to the prizes but just join because I love to do so for my country, Malaysia>) the government of Malaysia and private institutions like The Star and Genting is collaborating to promote Visit Malaysia Year 2007 through the power of Malaysian bloggers to write blogs for readers to know more, experience more and find more interesting stuff all about Malaysia.

Today I will wrap up some fast fact about Malaysia for you in my blog. Malaysia comprises of Peninsular (West Malaysia) and East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan). The rich history and culture of Malaysia attributed by the colonisation of the Portuguese, British and Dutch throughout the years.

Malaysia fight for her independent from the British colonial on the 31 August 1957 by our first and foremost Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj at the Merdeka Stadium where the British flag was replaced by Malaysia's flag. At the same time Kuala Lumpur has named as the capital of Malaysia from there on.

During the colonisation period large group of immigrants from China, India and Indonesian was imported to become as a labour to run various of econmy activiites like mining, plantation of cocoa, rubber estate and palm oil to stimulate the economy that contributed Malaysia as a mutliracial composition to date.

Malaysia as a tropical country located in the South East Asia region neighbour of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philipines, Vietnam and Myanmar. Today, Malaysia has 27,119,308 population comprises of Malay, Chinese, Indian and varoius ethnic group in the state of Sabah (Kadazan Dusun) and Sarawak (Iban).

The long and colourful history has left many heritage site in every state in Malaysia especially in Pulau Pinang (Island of Pearl)and Melaka (colonial under the Portuguese and Dutch). Besides this, under the leadership of our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd period he had build up two world renowned building and Asia most talk-about landmarks on the soil of Kuala Lumpur, the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower and the Sepang F1 circuit.

Kuala Lumpur Tower, Fifth Tallest Tower in the World at 421 meter height.

Petronas Twin Tower, Tallest Twin Tower in the World at 452 meter height.

Malaysia has many to offer to tourists around the world whether you like to go experience the total eco-tourism at our National Park, (Taman Negara) the oldest rainforest estimated in 130 million years old. Island adventures at our crystal clear water and beaches or Cultural and Heritage dicsovery in every state of Malaysia.

Before I round up my blog today I will post several photos about some heritage sites and island photos for you and I will at least post once a week for this Visit Malaysia Year campaign for you to know more about Malaysia.

Jungle tracking photo in Malaysia

Jungle tracking photo in Malaysia

Island in Malaysia

Total breakaway on our beautiful beach and island

If you want to discover more about what you can do and how to pamper yourself in Malaysia visit Pamper Zone.

Malaysian Bloggers are invited to Join Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Tonight I will definitely stay up late... Why? Of course for the UEFA Champions League Final lor... Guys today when manage to get the highlights of 2005 UEFA Champions League Final in YouTube and I found it so amazing and wonderful highlights from all the goals including the penalty shoot-out. When I reach home I turned on my Astro on Channel 81 it was repeating the match where Liverpool edged rival AC Milan from an unbelievable come back from 3 goals down to level the game to 3-3 and lift the Champions League trophy in Instanbul. This really makes me feel like warming up for tonight's game already... HA HA HA

While waitng for the Final I was clicking on the website and I browse to one of my favourite blog Hong Kiat and discovered that AllMalaysia.Info is inviting fellow Malaysian Bloggers to join the inaugural project to gather Malaysian bloggers under one roof from which readers can find various blogs by theme or articles that could promote the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 celebrating 50 years of neighbourhood.

The contest kicked off on 21 May 2007 until 29 July 2007. Your blog can be any theme and topics as long as your key word is there to catch the attention of readers will do. I think this is the least as a Malaysian we can do for our country to promote Visit Malaysia Year 2007 a success. In fact,there are prizes giving away by the sponsor Genting as well.

Syabas Malaysia!! Malaysia Boleh!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AC Milan vs Liverpool FC

Tonight the long waited UEFA Champions League Final 2007 will be live in more than 50 countries world wide to fans around the world could watch the dsplay of two giant football clubs AC Miln vs Liverpool FC as a repeat of Champions League Final in 2005, Istanbul. This year the UEFA Champions League Final 2007 will be displayed in Athen and for the pass few days thousands supporters from both clubs have gathered to this city to see the showdown of the Final.

As a football fan I doubt myself will not switch on my Pay TV tonight to watch the Final. Well as a pre-match discussion, this year AC Milan has been very consistent as the club faced point deduction in the beginning of the season however, with the quality and players attitude towards the game they secured a 3rd placing in Serie A after Inter Milan and FC Roma this season and qualify for next year Champions League Play-Off. AC Milan fought a wonderful come back against Manchester United on the 2nd Leg of Champions League Semi-Final and win at home with a 3-0 score aggregate of 4-2.

Liverpool has to be much cautious this time with the in-form AC Milan players like KaKa, Gattuso, Pirlo and the rest of the team. This time Liverpool could not rely on the luck of One of the most debate come back where Liverpool displayed in the Final of 2005. Liverpool fought a wonderful come back from 3 goals behind AC Milan and equalised the game from goal scorer Gerard, Alonso and Smicer and eventually won on penalty kick and lift the title back to the Merseyside. The boring semi-final against Chelsea will be a history and the Final infront of you. Liverpool could you be the jinx against an in-form AC Milan.

I personally favourite on AC Milan. So, let's see the outcome of tonight Final.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

YouTube in Every Corner

Youtube has been cracking into most of the countries as one of the TOP 10 search while people surfing the internet. A site which value about USD 1.76billion (RM 6.2 billion) bought over by Google last year October. Some fast fact about YouTube, the founders incorporated YouTube in Valentine Day of 2005 and at 1 year and 8 months old acquired by Google. This is what a smart ideas could achieved in such a short period of time. Bravo!!

Refer to my earlier post at Top 10 Search in the World YouTube Rank 4 just sligtly below the long time leaders like Yahoo, MSN and Google. What does it imply to you? Well my opinion is that from the pass 20 years technology and internet has changed rapidly from Video Tape to VCD and from VCD to DVD. Today is YouTube. People prefer to spend more time digg about all sort of short video title infront of their PC or laptop.

YouTube has created a phenomenon for all as their tag line "Broadcast Yourself". Today people can broadcast anything and post it on YouTube for personal satisfaction (of course not porn stuff or blue film). This is how YouTube lift up their ranking in the world. The impact of YouTube is doubtless to argue and the success of it is needless to mentioned. Today a Malaysia local newspaper The Star. mentioned that the achievement of YouTube would attract more MultiNational Corporations to invest in our country Malaysia if this is a local ideas.

Malaysians please bring up brilliant ideas.

Google Adsense

Do you think your Google Adsense serve any purpose on your blog or website? I need to clarify and give some tips and direction to new blogger about serving Google Adsense is TOTALLY useless if you were NEW.

To make money from internet is never easy and it takes time and effort. A lot of cases where people give up half way because they don't see the results overnight. Well, put it in this way if you want to have a perfect body line you can't just expect it to change overnight. In fact, we must always follow and focus on the basic rule no.1 CONSISTENCY.

Whatever it is CONSISTENCY is very important in our life whether it is concerned about building your career, studies or even in sports. How about gifted? Some one has very special talent from young like photogenic memory, talent in sports or some extra-ordinary strength (like character in Heroes..) Well do you think you and me belongs to this population? If not than we have to go back to the basic rule no. 2 which is rule no. 1!!!

I've read a lot of blog and article that mislead people about the way money could be made easily from Google Adsense. In addition, I noticed a few similarity which are the authors only tell the readers the surface of it and never never speak the real and actual impact of success in Adsense. Hence, what about the failure case? Where can we find the unsuccessful stories? ... If some one can start a place for unsuccessful blogger on application of Adsense about their feeling, opinion and effort they put in yet did not pay them off. This should be fair enough at least audience and viewers get 2 side of the story instead of only knowing application of Adsense will bring them a windfall overnight.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Korean Food in Kuala Lumpur

Last week gathering with couple of friends (Joyce and Yin Kee) at Korea House, Sri Hartamas. I have been long time never dine in this restaurant. If you are a local Malaysian who stays in Kuala Lumpur you will find it in Sri Hartamas there are so many Korean Restaurant down the road not only that you also can find many Japanese Restaurant too. Well for myself I'm glad they open more so that we can try out different delicious food from other countries.

Well if you do look around there are a lot of Koreans moving down to Malaysia lately and most of them settled down at Ampang area and Sri Hartamas but mostly are expat from Mulit National Corporation like LG, Samsung, Hyundai and others. In the 80's or 90's every home owned a Japanese Brand Electronics product but I think in this time every home owned a Korean Brand Electronics product. So do I. HA HA HA HA... Well let me stop my crap and intorduce you some yummy Korean Food to you.

waiting for food to be served... hungry

the side dish is served... where is my BBQ chicken??

yummy.... can't wait to eat now...

Friday, May 18, 2007

New Born

My gynae has confirmend the baby of Pauline and Me will be baby girl!!! she will be arriving in another 3 months time from now... (can't wait to see how she looks like but at the same time I think I need to slow down my activity like golf, futsal and etc.... (sigh)

The entire process of this pregnanat period isn't easy for her (Pauline) well I'm glad she is tough and patient about carrying an extra 15kg on her body both mentally and physically. Thank you for friends around us supported her well like Peng Leong (god-father to be), Joyce and AiLim who always encourage her to buy another brand new LV handbag (groans), She Ai who always spend time and give her companion when I wasn't free, and others that I couldn't mentioned about here like. Thank you so much and appreciate. Well I believe to be the first one among our friends to have a baby so to get your attention I would like to invite those who wants to be "God-Father" or "God-Mother" for her please submit your applicaton NOW!!! HA HA HA...

The headache part for now is thinking a baby name for her it isn't easy at all. As the chinese always say we need to get a GOOD NAME for our children. I think I've been brainstorming this for a couple of times with my friends like PL, Leslee, Yin Kee, Joyce, Kay Peng, Ai Lim, and others... but none could deliver a good one... I know it is tough and thank you for giving me so many funny ones like Yan Er, Ngan King Wan, Ngan Lip Fong, and others...

This Monday just get a few scanned from gynae and share with all of you our new baby photos... check it out she looks like Pauline!!!

The first check up and noticed Pauline is expected at 6 weeks

She is 14 weeks old

She is 23 weeks old and gynae shows her thigh

She is 27 weeks old and look like Pauline!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Top 10 Search In The World

Do you know that in this internet world when users start to surf the web what is the first thing come to their mind to type in the search engine. Please make a guess?

Well if you can't think of any let me unveiled for you now. According to Alexa search which updated daily Top 10 search in the rank of Alexa in the world as follows:


1. Yahoo

2. Microsoft Network (MSN)

3. Google

4. You Tube

5. Myspace

6. Windows Live

7. Baidu

8. Orkut

9. QQ

10. Wikipedia

Just some analysis on it. Out of the top 10 ranking 6 out of 10 is search engine website (you know who they are!!!). 2 out of 10 is related to community that make friends (orkut and myspace). 1 each for entertainment (youtube) and encyclopedia (wikipedia). If you want to make an impact to this internet world you should know where to put your penny in now.

Mamak Store

For Malaysian, Mamak store is a commonly word throw out within friends to hang out or gathering place. Mamak store is conveniently found in every where it just like Tumbuh Macam Cendawan. In fact, it has rapidly take over some of the reputable Cafe like Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dome, SFC or others because of the price and it (Most Mamak Store) open 24 hours a day.

This trend has been last almost 10 years in Malaysia. However, I see it very differently now compare to 10 years ago. Initially, Mamak really is a place that is value for money and the delicious food (slurp). As a comparison today if you walk in to any Mamak and order a simple Milo Ice plus Maggi Goreng. What do you think is the price? RM3 like the old days or even cheaper. Frankly it is NO more like the old days today a Milo Ice can easily cost you from RM1.50 to RM1.80 and the Maggi Goreng can cost you RM3 so u end up taking a meal of approximately RM5 and a change of not more than RM0.50 back to your pocket. This is only an example the list go on like roti canai, rice and dish and etc.

People are unawared about this but if you were to go in a Chinese-Typed Kopitiam you can find food at the same range but it was years ago. So the trend of Mamak is no more cheap anymore but at the same time we can comment it is pretty expensive compared to others so please do not deliver a wrong message to your friends or tourists that Mamak store is cheap but it is convenient no doubt.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Income

Do you get paid when you are writing an article or blog?

Do you get paid for writing an article about your company?

The answer for the previou is YES but the latter is a big NO.

At here I would like to share to you that you are going to make money by your own effort while writing an article or blog of your favourite and you are likely to be Pay Off.

Well we all know that inflation taken place daily in our life like petrol, toll, food, even Astro is lifting up the monthly subscription fee. So, for a single income stream fellow you think you monthly income could barely survive you or make you more miserable throughout the month. In fact, inflation started to kick off but our salary still maintain on a straight line basis. Damn it this is unhealthy!! What a shame for private and public sector servants.

I started blogging just a month old and I realised that Internet has really come in as a big picture in our future. Well even some MNC adopted and practice their staff could work away from office or their work station. They believe on independence and efficiency that at the end could deliver values and results on their work to the company and clients respectively. Well take this as an opportunity to write something you love, your experience and shared it and one day your effort certainly could pay off.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FREE POSTING at Pamper Zone

If you are looking for a place to dine how do you do the research?
If you are thinking to bring your love one for a date where do you go?
If you tired and got a lot of spare time how do you want to spent it wisely?

At you will get all your answer. Believe it or not. In addition, this website allow Free Posting if you want to recommend good place to your friend and public for what you have experienced.

Sometimes, we badly need some good time to rest our mind and body for all the stressful work and tiredness during work.
To balance our life nutrition is part of it but we must know how to spoil ourselves sometimes like go for a good dining, a splendid spa therapy, a holiday or something that can do it privately without any interference from work or friends.

So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, May 12, 2007


If you able know something ahead of you about 2 minutes what will you do?
Do you go for gambling? flirting? make a massive changes of your life?

Oh yes I think most people will do something to change a bit of their future. :)

Lately, I really encountered too many negative stuff which I disclosed to few of my friends about it and most of the problems need to resolve by myself (luckily everything is back on track now!!!). I really hope that I can be like nicolas cage in the movie NEXT that could have merely a 2 minutes in advance.

This summer there are really a lot of movie coming next like Fantastic 4, Transformers, Pirates of the Carribean and etc... can't wait to watch of all them.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Make Money From Your Blog from Adverlets and Nuffnang

Guys just in case you don't know about anything about IT or internet like I do previously. I would like to introduce you to 2 Malaysian's owned company which offer blogger money (yes the company pays blogger).

The first one Advertlets. The company's tag line Advertiser + Blogger = Money + happy. What do you think?

The second one Nuffnang. This is the Asia's First Blog Advertising Community.

If you have time start doing it perhaps it may not make big bucks now but I surely believe it will pay off in the future.

Undisclosed Photos

Dear friends here are some undisclosed photos I just digg from my mum's digital camera before she went to Beijing. Enjoy... Thye really miss your lame joke...

Gathering before heading to the bride's house...

Well everyone knows we play Futsal but this photos really tells us those who didn't play futsal stand on the RIGHT. See Leslee (front row with specs) and Thoong (2nd row also on the right). He He He

Wah you guys are so hungry meh.....

I think most of you very familiar with this LUCKY PIG.. Leslee and Peng Leong strike 2nd prize in TOTO immediately after my wed.

Successfully transported the bride and the groom.

Return to my house after picking up the bride and everyone looks tired after the morning section. Grace why you turn off from the camera. Leslee seems very TIRED woh!!! HA HA HA

Everyone is taking a ciggy break now but LAW is yawning... sleep sleep sleep... Who is still wearing the jacket? Like God of Gamble!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I need a Massage - PamperZone

These days I really stress out because of running here and there to get things done like my traffic SAMAN and need to go court to bail. Besides working... groans....

I need a rest badly. To renew my road tax I need to take car registration card from finance company then pay the SAMAN then JPJ (only if you are blacklisted) to renew the road tax. All in different location from Damansara to Kuala Lumpur then to Wangsa Maju. This is killing man.

Next is I went to the new court of Duta to bail my friend involved in some crime. The officer there works like snail man. I've been waiting from 9.00am then come out at 4.30pm. Wa-lau-yeh. A very bad experience.

The above already taken 2 full days of my time. How about my work? Don't mentioned it I have so many back logs now. Therefore, my lovely wife suggested to go for massage which I agreed too but that was 12:00 midnight while we were still looking is there any massage still available at such late time....

Indeed, we found one in Sri Hartamas where they open until 2.00am. Quickily get what we need to do and what a dis-stress now...

Monday, May 7, 2007


For 3 consecutive days (Saturday to Monday) Kuala Lumpur city is enterig into a High Tempo environment and the hottest temperature hit up to 38.5 Celsius. Last weekend Jose Morinho team also went to the same situation as their dream drew with Arsenal 1-1 at the Emirates Stadium. You can see his eyes are flaming. Ha Ha Ha

Back then for the last 3 days the traffic was as bad as the temperature and I started to get furious easily when I was driving and my mood swings just like the oil on the hot pan. My emotion was uncontrolled and will burst anytime due to the bad traffic in the city on Saturday. (What a bad day!!!) But things doesn't change much on Monday too!!!

Today, I need to renew my road tax by my own... Don't ask why... I got total 9 SAMAN still outstanding since 2002. OMG. I was blacklisted by the JPJ and have no choice to clear all the outstanding SAMAN in one shot in order for me to renew my road tax which was expired on 30th April 2007. What is today's date? I'm late for a week!!

So ladies and gentlemen please don't delay all the coupon or summonses that issued by the PDRM or JPJ because if you didn't take action on the current summonses they will see you in the court for hearing. So guys beware and don't take the risk,. It is so troublesome to spend half of the day for all this hussle and surely not worth it.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

SpiderMan 3

To audience who plans to visit Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) at One Utama to catch the movie SpiderMan 3. Please don't bring your laptop along as the cinema's management has given notice that all laptop are not allowed to bring in for the movie SpiderMan 3. You know why lar....

Well I will not elaborate more about the stories of the movie here but my review for this movie is GOOD. The rest of it you need to buy a ticket and judge yourself. No DVD please respect and support ORIGINAL if not one day SpiderMan, X-Man, Fantastic-4, Pirates, Transforemer are going to eat grass. LOL.

If You Are Late

Nothing is too late to be done as long as you take up the opportunity and execute it. The only reason that pull us back is whether are we doing it in the right time or not. But when is the right time? The right time is where your planning is in place and preparation is done to kick off. Don't tell me you need advice from "Feng Shui" master before you kick off your thoughts.

If you are late for work, meeting, interview, appointment, submit your report, what do you feel?

You feel nervous and fear. This is because these are the things that will have direct impact to your rice bowl.

However, if you are late for party, event, movie, or errands what do you feel?

You will just feel it is ok not to be punctual anyway these events can be arrange again the next time.

Therefore, don't mix the differentiation and you should have a clear mind. Through planning stage until execution. Besides, you should care most like your future and your to do list. If you delay the progress for going forward then you are late mate. Sorry will only end up in your throat.

Friday, May 4, 2007


How well do you know about yourself?

Are you a career pusher or you are just work push for the sake of receiving your monthly salary. You can be your own boss from now on. I realised city dwellers have little of their own time.



1. Meetings always come after work
2. You work more than the labour law requirement
3. Where are you on wednesday & thursday? Ladies night?
4. Happy hour
5. Meeting clients
6. Rushing for reports
7. Running your errands
8. Many more to go...

So where is your spare time where you can let you brain to have some thought of your day. Whether you have make a right or wrong decision as time passes quickily. Time really wait for no man. If you think you suppose to do something please do it now and firm with your feet. Tomorrow never ends every next day is a new tomorrow. If you have ideas today don't let it sleep and die off. You could make an impact to yoursef or the society immediately if you take action against it and do it.

How can you do it?

Carry along a notepad or if you are 24 hours sitting in front of your PC or laptop blog it. So that you won't forget and you got time to think again how to expand the entire idea and work out your own. If you don't mind sharing. Tell your friend about it and let's discuss it. You will not know you will get some improvement on what others thought.

What are you waiting for give yourself a chance to make some impact to your life (provided it is legal. Don't rob the bank!! You are nuts!!).

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Lately I get a few comment from 2 of my closet persons. My wife and a good friend of mine (Kang Han) in Singapore. Both of them share the same thought of me as I changed to be more IT person a like nowadays (as I owned a blog and a website). Do I really change? Friends please give me some comment.Sincerely a blog doesn't mean anything you can create one of those from blogger or word press.

Kang Han reminded me our old days when we are room mates at Subang Jaya we never like to use PC back then. In fact, we always use the PC for watching VCD and listen to music even I'm not addict for PC game. HA HA HA!!! So everyone giving me different comment about what I did lately. Honestly, for a accounting graduate to involved in IT I don't think it takes years to learn but for an IT graduate to pick up accounting I think that is a headache for most of the people. Most people don't like figures and numbers.

I rethink again for the time when I left my old firm until today some changes on me but how about you my friend? Sometimes we need to do some changes in life to go for the extra miles. This is the first milestone where I see myself so into it and I pretty like it to involve in web, design and graphic.

In fact, if you want to be more adventurous in your working life try to do what you really like it really motivates and you will not feel tired and bored while doing it even you won't feel bad if you fail at least you try. So my advice to all of you go out the box if you think you are not happy with what you do now. Is time to have a change at the end. The opportunity risk and inherent risk are too far to predict. Life short live to the fullest!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sky is the limit

I was frustrating that I learn to know that the government is promoting fresh graduate to become young entrepeuner. How can it be? Do you think this is realistic?

For instance, before we join the work force we learn mostly everything on books and it really doesn't jive with the actual working environment which you can't learn from books but through experienced. In commercial industry we need to smartly handle tricky environment day in and day out.

So to the lovely fresh graduate what do you think you can offer to the business sectors that are full of traps and blockages? In fact, I won't be surprised there are young entrepeuners out there that really have bright ideas and doing very well but what is the percentage over the population?

Today, to success in your specific field it required more knowledge and experience however, creativity is the main source of idea that you could outrage your competitor or peers. There are no free lunch in this world so to be successful or just slightly better off relationship (undoubtedly vital) and creativity is NEXT to success.

Oveseas or Local??

Working overseas is never a dream today. Many of my friends are working overseas right now and few of my uni mate still working locally in Malaysia. Why most of them heading outside of this country? Mainly because of a lot of reason yet everyone has their own ambition and focus. Money is not the reason but without Money that is a BIG problem.

I just realised most of the friends that went overseas are from the same background as me accounting in profession. Why Malaysia is no longer a good place to work and cater this young talent to flow out of the country. As compared I also from accounting background and practiced in one of the medium accounting firm when I first started as a junior auditor in my working life. At that time the pay for auditor is as low as RM1,200 per month for my first job. How poor it is. But yet I still work there for some years to get some working experience and finally I give up practicing it.

After some years later I realised that the booming of China and other overseas countries that offer very attractive remuneration package to lure auditor that could speak bilingual language and most of my colleagues and friends head out straight away. The salary they earn from overseas easily 3 to 5 times more as compared to work locally in Malaysia. Finally, this is the reason back in Malaysia. The inflation is fly high, the wage is unchanged.

For some reason people willing to stay back here is because of family or better opportunity but as I seen there is no harm to try working out of Malaysia as you could compare the work efficiency and effectiveness of others. That is what we should learn from others than we being neutralised by our locals eg. "to be tak apa" and "relax lar" attitude these are the one that I really "tak boleh tahan".

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A New Start

May is a happy month for most of the people (to the employees but not employers!! ha ha ha)WHY? Because the month that starts with a holiday - Labour Day. However, if you work in China you will probably enjoy most as you will get a week off as statutory holidays by the government. So don't upset anyway you still get a holiday if you work in other countries. SO cheer up guys!!

I was just wondering how could I manage to complete a blog full of resources and information for people who visits me. Last month I kicked off this blog by simply throwing few articles day in and out and realised that the people that visit my blog isn't increase that much. Anyway I only have few supporters right now.

Well the reason that I created this blog is to promote my website PamperZone. My website doesn't sell any producs and services but it gives you ideas where to dine, date or gathering with friends and family.