Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mamak Store

For Malaysian, Mamak store is a commonly word throw out within friends to hang out or gathering place. Mamak store is conveniently found in every where it just like Tumbuh Macam Cendawan. In fact, it has rapidly take over some of the reputable Cafe like Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dome, SFC or others because of the price and it (Most Mamak Store) open 24 hours a day.

This trend has been last almost 10 years in Malaysia. However, I see it very differently now compare to 10 years ago. Initially, Mamak really is a place that is value for money and the delicious food (slurp). As a comparison today if you walk in to any Mamak and order a simple Milo Ice plus Maggi Goreng. What do you think is the price? RM3 like the old days or even cheaper. Frankly it is NO more like the old days today a Milo Ice can easily cost you from RM1.50 to RM1.80 and the Maggi Goreng can cost you RM3 so u end up taking a meal of approximately RM5 and a change of not more than RM0.50 back to your pocket. This is only an example the list go on like roti canai, rice and dish and etc.

People are unawared about this but if you were to go in a Chinese-Typed Kopitiam you can find food at the same range but it was years ago. So the trend of Mamak is no more cheap anymore but at the same time we can comment it is pretty expensive compared to others so please do not deliver a wrong message to your friends or tourists that Mamak store is cheap but it is convenient no doubt.

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