Saturday, May 26, 2007

Restaurant Business in Malaysia

If you have a chance to start a business which you can be a taukeh (English = owner)and no longer work for others what you want to do? Well my dream is to open a cafe in Kuala Lumpur those like in Flinders Lane, Melbourne selling coffee, sandwiches, pastries, confectionary and take away... A place for people or friends to meet up or gathering. Interesting right, but the dream is still far away.... HA HA HA...

Well for the last whole week I was hectic about running on prepartion to start up for a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur... (P/S. Don't congrates me, I'm not the owner yet!!!) Sigh I was merely giving a helping hand for the owner (foreigner) ONLY!!! Groans....

The dream to start a restaurant or cafe in Malaysia isn't easy for new starter but you'll learn the business methodology along the way if you have a good advicer to guide you along and with sufficient fund to run the daily operation. If you don't have please seek help from others if not I just feel that you're dumping your precious savings to the sea. (After I've get myself involved so many since last week... a good experience as I feel that I'm running the show instead of the boss!!!)

There are so many things that you must look into consideration before the start up of the cafe or restaurant business in Malaysia. Here are some tips for you:
1. Renovation (Give your restaurant a theme so that your renovation is according to it)
2. Location (If you want to have high turnover on your restaurant go for high density areas, the rental will be pretty high but I'm sure it could covered your cost in the end)
3. Materials (Source yourself instead of asking middleman to help you. You will pick up a lot of knowledge from there on)
4. Licences (Application of licences)
5. Staff
6. Cleaniness
7. Last but not least, FUND

If you have the overall ideas of the above in place I think your restaurant will be running smoothly.

How to calculate the break even of the business? (For new starter)

A simple calculation as follows:
Walk in customer 100 daily
Average spending per person RM5.00
Monthly turnover 100 X RM5.00 = 500 per day X 30 Days = RM15,000

Less your expenditure
Rental RM X,XXX
Staff RM X,XXX
Material RM X,XXX

Month Turnover - Monthly Expenditure = Net profit

If you can resolve the above equation, You can start a restaurant in Malaysia!!!

To know more about restaurant in Malaysia please go to Western Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, and Local delights or click on Pamper Zone.


Imran Anwar said...

Dear Miss.
I sincerely trust you and all at your home are very well.
I am Pakistani muslim by religion.
I have read your writings regarding the "Resturant Business in Malaysia" dated 26 may 2007, and please allow me to comment that you are very interesteing as well as loyal.
I am planing to establish a small resturant / cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I need your kind assistance regarding the possibilities of setting a restutant and I trust that the information you will give to me will act as the grass roots for building up my resturant.
I trust to recieve a positive feedback from your side very soon. Please accept my kindest regards to you and to your family. Thanking you.
Yours truely,
Imran Anwar

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Same Here! Im interested to know / learn more from you:)

sebastian said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am also looking to start a restuarant in KL, Do you think you can help on this matter?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am also looking to start a restuarant in KL, Do you think you can help on this matter?

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Galilee said...

Hi, i'd like to know wht're the requirements to start a home cafe? Thx a lot!

Migdad Ali said...

My name is Migdad Ali, I'm from Indonesia, and I'd like to open an Indonesian restaurant/cafe in Malaysia, specifically in Bukit Jalil or Sri Petaling area.
I need your kind assistance regarding the possibilities of setting a restutant and a trust that the information you will give to me is true and accurate.
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Warm Regards

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Muhammad Arshad said...

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Bonny said...

I hv an cafe up for sale @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Very good location, nearby Giant, Tesco, hotel, School. interested, call me 018-2619207 before it SOLD :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to start up a cafe/stall selling food inside the mall of kuala lumpur. Can you please provide me advises and information regarding to how to start the business?! My email address is . Hear from you soon. I need your help badly as I don't want to dump money inside the sea as you said.

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