Friday, May 4, 2007


How well do you know about yourself?

Are you a career pusher or you are just work push for the sake of receiving your monthly salary. You can be your own boss from now on. I realised city dwellers have little of their own time.



1. Meetings always come after work
2. You work more than the labour law requirement
3. Where are you on wednesday & thursday? Ladies night?
4. Happy hour
5. Meeting clients
6. Rushing for reports
7. Running your errands
8. Many more to go...

So where is your spare time where you can let you brain to have some thought of your day. Whether you have make a right or wrong decision as time passes quickily. Time really wait for no man. If you think you suppose to do something please do it now and firm with your feet. Tomorrow never ends every next day is a new tomorrow. If you have ideas today don't let it sleep and die off. You could make an impact to yoursef or the society immediately if you take action against it and do it.

How can you do it?

Carry along a notepad or if you are 24 hours sitting in front of your PC or laptop blog it. So that you won't forget and you got time to think again how to expand the entire idea and work out your own. If you don't mind sharing. Tell your friend about it and let's discuss it. You will not know you will get some improvement on what others thought.

What are you waiting for give yourself a chance to make some impact to your life (provided it is legal. Don't rob the bank!! You are nuts!!).

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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