Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A New Start

May is a happy month for most of the people (to the employees but not employers!! ha ha ha)WHY? Because the month that starts with a holiday - Labour Day. However, if you work in China you will probably enjoy most as you will get a week off as statutory holidays by the government. So don't upset anyway you still get a holiday if you work in other countries. SO cheer up guys!!

I was just wondering how could I manage to complete a blog full of resources and information for people who visits me. Last month I kicked off this blog by simply throwing few articles day in and out and realised that the people that visit my blog isn't increase that much. Anyway I only have few supporters right now.

Well the reason that I created this blog is to promote my website PamperZone. My website doesn't sell any producs and services but it gives you ideas where to dine, date or gathering with friends and family.

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