Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sky is the limit

I was frustrating that I learn to know that the government is promoting fresh graduate to become young entrepeuner. How can it be? Do you think this is realistic?

For instance, before we join the work force we learn mostly everything on books and it really doesn't jive with the actual working environment which you can't learn from books but through experienced. In commercial industry we need to smartly handle tricky environment day in and day out.

So to the lovely fresh graduate what do you think you can offer to the business sectors that are full of traps and blockages? In fact, I won't be surprised there are young entrepeuners out there that really have bright ideas and doing very well but what is the percentage over the population?

Today, to success in your specific field it required more knowledge and experience however, creativity is the main source of idea that you could outrage your competitor or peers. There are no free lunch in this world so to be successful or just slightly better off relationship (undoubtedly vital) and creativity is NEXT to success.

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