Monday, May 7, 2007


For 3 consecutive days (Saturday to Monday) Kuala Lumpur city is enterig into a High Tempo environment and the hottest temperature hit up to 38.5 Celsius. Last weekend Jose Morinho team also went to the same situation as their dream drew with Arsenal 1-1 at the Emirates Stadium. You can see his eyes are flaming. Ha Ha Ha

Back then for the last 3 days the traffic was as bad as the temperature and I started to get furious easily when I was driving and my mood swings just like the oil on the hot pan. My emotion was uncontrolled and will burst anytime due to the bad traffic in the city on Saturday. (What a bad day!!!) But things doesn't change much on Monday too!!!

Today, I need to renew my road tax by my own... Don't ask why... I got total 9 SAMAN still outstanding since 2002. OMG. I was blacklisted by the JPJ and have no choice to clear all the outstanding SAMAN in one shot in order for me to renew my road tax which was expired on 30th April 2007. What is today's date? I'm late for a week!!

So ladies and gentlemen please don't delay all the coupon or summonses that issued by the PDRM or JPJ because if you didn't take action on the current summonses they will see you in the court for hearing. So guys beware and don't take the risk,. It is so troublesome to spend half of the day for all this hussle and surely not worth it.

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