Tuesday, May 22, 2007

YouTube in Every Corner

Youtube has been cracking into most of the countries as one of the TOP 10 search while people surfing the internet. A site which value about USD 1.76billion (RM 6.2 billion) bought over by Google last year October. Some fast fact about YouTube, the founders incorporated YouTube in Valentine Day of 2005 and at 1 year and 8 months old acquired by Google. This is what a smart ideas could achieved in such a short period of time. Bravo!!

Refer to my earlier post at Top 10 Search in the World YouTube Rank 4 just sligtly below the long time leaders like Yahoo, MSN and Google. What does it imply to you? Well my opinion is that from the pass 20 years technology and internet has changed rapidly from Video Tape to VCD and from VCD to DVD. Today is YouTube. People prefer to spend more time digg about all sort of short video title infront of their PC or laptop.

YouTube has created a phenomenon for all as their tag line "Broadcast Yourself". Today people can broadcast anything and post it on YouTube for personal satisfaction (of course not porn stuff or blue film). This is how YouTube lift up their ranking in the world. The impact of YouTube is doubtless to argue and the success of it is needless to mentioned. Today a Malaysia local newspaper The Star. mentioned that the achievement of YouTube would attract more MultiNational Corporations to invest in our country Malaysia if this is a local ideas.

Malaysians please bring up brilliant ideas.

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