Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Adsense

Do you think your Google Adsense serve any purpose on your blog or website? I need to clarify and give some tips and direction to new blogger about serving Google Adsense is TOTALLY useless if you were NEW.

To make money from internet is never easy and it takes time and effort. A lot of cases where people give up half way because they don't see the results overnight. Well, put it in this way if you want to have a perfect body line you can't just expect it to change overnight. In fact, we must always follow and focus on the basic rule no.1 CONSISTENCY.

Whatever it is CONSISTENCY is very important in our life whether it is concerned about building your career, studies or even in sports. How about gifted? Some one has very special talent from young like photogenic memory, talent in sports or some extra-ordinary strength (like character in Heroes..) Well do you think you and me belongs to this population? If not than we have to go back to the basic rule no. 2 which is rule no. 1!!!

I've read a lot of blog and article that mislead people about the way money could be made easily from Google Adsense. In addition, I noticed a few similarity which are the authors only tell the readers the surface of it and never never speak the real and actual impact of success in Adsense. Hence, what about the failure case? Where can we find the unsuccessful stories? ... If some one can start a place for unsuccessful blogger on application of Adsense about their feeling, opinion and effort they put in yet did not pay them off. This should be fair enough at least audience and viewers get 2 side of the story instead of only knowing application of Adsense will bring them a windfall overnight.

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