Saturday, May 5, 2007

If You Are Late

Nothing is too late to be done as long as you take up the opportunity and execute it. The only reason that pull us back is whether are we doing it in the right time or not. But when is the right time? The right time is where your planning is in place and preparation is done to kick off. Don't tell me you need advice from "Feng Shui" master before you kick off your thoughts.

If you are late for work, meeting, interview, appointment, submit your report, what do you feel?

You feel nervous and fear. This is because these are the things that will have direct impact to your rice bowl.

However, if you are late for party, event, movie, or errands what do you feel?

You will just feel it is ok not to be punctual anyway these events can be arrange again the next time.

Therefore, don't mix the differentiation and you should have a clear mind. Through planning stage until execution. Besides, you should care most like your future and your to do list. If you delay the progress for going forward then you are late mate. Sorry will only end up in your throat.

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