Thursday, May 3, 2007

Oveseas or Local??

Working overseas is never a dream today. Many of my friends are working overseas right now and few of my uni mate still working locally in Malaysia. Why most of them heading outside of this country? Mainly because of a lot of reason yet everyone has their own ambition and focus. Money is not the reason but without Money that is a BIG problem.

I just realised most of the friends that went overseas are from the same background as me accounting in profession. Why Malaysia is no longer a good place to work and cater this young talent to flow out of the country. As compared I also from accounting background and practiced in one of the medium accounting firm when I first started as a junior auditor in my working life. At that time the pay for auditor is as low as RM1,200 per month for my first job. How poor it is. But yet I still work there for some years to get some working experience and finally I give up practicing it.

After some years later I realised that the booming of China and other overseas countries that offer very attractive remuneration package to lure auditor that could speak bilingual language and most of my colleagues and friends head out straight away. The salary they earn from overseas easily 3 to 5 times more as compared to work locally in Malaysia. Finally, this is the reason back in Malaysia. The inflation is fly high, the wage is unchanged.

For some reason people willing to stay back here is because of family or better opportunity but as I seen there is no harm to try working out of Malaysia as you could compare the work efficiency and effectiveness of others. That is what we should learn from others than we being neutralised by our locals eg. "to be tak apa" and "relax lar" attitude these are the one that I really "tak boleh tahan".

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