Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Income

Do you get paid when you are writing an article or blog?

Do you get paid for writing an article about your company?

The answer for the previou is YES but the latter is a big NO.

At here I would like to share to you that you are going to make money by your own effort while writing an article or blog of your favourite and you are likely to be Pay Off.

Well we all know that inflation taken place daily in our life like petrol, toll, food, even Astro is lifting up the monthly subscription fee. So, for a single income stream fellow you think you monthly income could barely survive you or make you more miserable throughout the month. In fact, inflation started to kick off but our salary still maintain on a straight line basis. Damn it this is unhealthy!! What a shame for private and public sector servants.

I started blogging just a month old and I realised that Internet has really come in as a big picture in our future. Well even some MNC adopted and practice their staff could work away from office or their work station. They believe on independence and efficiency that at the end could deliver values and results on their work to the company and clients respectively. Well take this as an opportunity to write something you love, your experience and shared it and one day your effort certainly could pay off.

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