Monday, September 29, 2008

Sex discrimination at work place. Is this true?

I came across an article lately and feel that i should put this up to share. At a very stereotype of view, i personally think that sex discrimination does exist in the office whether it is your call or isn't.

There are few scenarios that i would like to share here. Just enjoy reading and look how true is it. Respect the women!!!

The 1st scenario
" When your subordinate display family photo on the table"

If your subordinate is a 'He', you feel "wow!! He taking care of his family, a responsible man.

If your subordinate is a 'She', you feel "career is not important for her; do not expect she will do her best to contribute in works!"

The 2nd scenario
"When your subordinate table is very messy or untidy"

If your subordinate is a 'He', you feel "he is so hardworking, till do not have extra time to tidy up the table.

If your subordinate is a 'She', you feel "she is so untidy, sure not organized!

The 3rd scenario
"When your subordinate is talking with other colleagues"

If your subordinate is a 'He', you feel "he must be discussing about the new project, so aggressive.

If your subordinate is a 'She', you feel "gossiping again!!! Gifted paparazzi!!

The 4th scenario
"When your subordinate is working overtime"

If your subordinate is a 'He', you feel "it's very difficult to hire such hardworking employee anymore.

If your subordinate is a 'She', you feel "ladies has limited capabilities, need to spend so much time on such little things.

The 5th scenario
"When your subordinate got promoted"

If your subordinate is a 'He', you feel "he must have great potential"

If your subordinate is a 'She', you feel "she must be having affairs with the boss"

The 6th scenario
"When your subordinate applies leave"

If your subordinate is a 'He', you feel "he hasn't apply leave for a long time, should go for relax"

If your subordinate is a 'She', you feel "seems like she always apply leave, is she going for job interview"

So, what say you? Do you think sex discrimination exists? i pity the women.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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