Friday, May 4, 2007


Lately I get a few comment from 2 of my closet persons. My wife and a good friend of mine (Kang Han) in Singapore. Both of them share the same thought of me as I changed to be more IT person a like nowadays (as I owned a blog and a website). Do I really change? Friends please give me some comment.Sincerely a blog doesn't mean anything you can create one of those from blogger or word press.

Kang Han reminded me our old days when we are room mates at Subang Jaya we never like to use PC back then. In fact, we always use the PC for watching VCD and listen to music even I'm not addict for PC game. HA HA HA!!! So everyone giving me different comment about what I did lately. Honestly, for a accounting graduate to involved in IT I don't think it takes years to learn but for an IT graduate to pick up accounting I think that is a headache for most of the people. Most people don't like figures and numbers.

I rethink again for the time when I left my old firm until today some changes on me but how about you my friend? Sometimes we need to do some changes in life to go for the extra miles. This is the first milestone where I see myself so into it and I pretty like it to involve in web, design and graphic.

In fact, if you want to be more adventurous in your working life try to do what you really like it really motivates and you will not feel tired and bored while doing it even you won't feel bad if you fail at least you try. So my advice to all of you go out the box if you think you are not happy with what you do now. Is time to have a change at the end. The opportunity risk and inherent risk are too far to predict. Life short live to the fullest!!!

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