Saturday, April 28, 2007

The fall of a Star

During my pre university and university time I knew a group of friends all from different background. While we go college and eventually went to same university after all. After graduate everyone heading to their desire industry and our relationship still intact after years we keep in touch and even some we work in the same company.

Time flies our relationship has been close to a decade. We are just like brothers and sisters and shared most of our sorrow and happiness together. Today, I hardly can see most of you (mostly in overseas) as I know everyone has a different destination and ambition in careers and future.

Bad news arrived yesterday when I received a phone call about one of the buddy father in serious illness and admitted to the hospital under ICU for immediate rescue but god likes to fool us. My friend - LAW has been all the way from China take the express route to fly back to Malaysia immediately after he knew the bad news about his illness. He managed to spend not more than 48 hours with his illed father lying in the hospital and pass away yesterday night. All of us received this message and I feel powerless to give him a helping hand as I can give him when we are in uni or during work.

I delivered this message to friends in singapore and malaysia about his father deceased. Ah Law, we are hoping to see you stand strong and my deepest condolence to you and your family members. The fall of a Star and I'm looking you to shine again in the near future.

You know me as a talkative person but at this point of time I also don't know what to tell you and I know your feeling and mood at this time and place isn't good either. One word as I always mentioned to you my friend. We will always stand allign with you whenever or whatever you do. So as this time. Take good care of yourself.

From: Pauline, Yin Kee, Joyce, Peng Leong, Kay Peng, Ai Lim, Chia Chih, Ashley, Kara, Grace, Kang Han, Leslee, Tay, Darrell, Mindy and Me.

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