Thursday, April 5, 2007

Workplace a Fun Place?

Every year we see large group of people changing jobs after year end and everyone of them are looking for the DREAM JOB that give them the job security with good remuneration and attractive incentives. Well at here I need to give the credit to google as it has been newly crown for the 100 Best Companies to work for 2007 by Fortune. I believe most of you know why google is the best among the rest if you do not know I think you are living in the stone age. ;p

Take a second to re-think is your workplace a fun place?

Needless to upset with the current situation that you encountered in your workplace as your company is totally a different category as compared to google and COMPARISON shouldn't take place at all. Please do not feel disappointed with what I trying to differentiate. For instance, do you think a public accounting firm employer would implement the "Google Way"? I don't think so as professionalism always come first and every employee must not overlook every aspect from the employee handbook.

How to make your workplace a fun place? Ask yourself.

1. Do you satisfy with your job scope?
2. Do you enjoy with what you are working for?
3. Do you set a short term and a long term goal for youself in the company?
4. Do you think of absent to work the next day?
5. Do you feel like job hopping?

The above are some questions that I would like to share with you if you are tiring of working with your current employement. If the answer from Q1 to Q3 is NO ( i think you should quit now)

Therefore, if you could get a job that provides you positive answer from Q1 to Q3 you will automatically make your workplace a fun place. Believe me as I am doing the same thing right now.

Good Day!!

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