Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tour of ShangHai, China

After visited a few cities around Shanghai (HangZhou and SuZhou) on my previous blog I return my trip to Shanghai. This busy city has one in common in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Traffic Jam!!!
Ohhh I hate it most.

Due to the density of the city the development out of the business district is very rapid. Along the highway I noticed a lot of high rise apartments are under construction to cater the huge demand. About 2 hours plus journey from NanJing to ShangHai I arrived in the city again, check in hotel and get a shower. The 5th day in China the temperature drop from 24 Celsius to 8 Celsius. What a cold spring in China.

Later in the evening, I go for dinner at XinTianDi located in the ShangHai city, the place has been the urbant tourists attractions that holds the legacies of the city. The entire place of XinTianDi is unique because of the fashionable ShiKuMen and modern architecture style. You can see a lot of foregein Tourists around the area and the place is popular for western food, pubs and shoppings.

After dinner I travelled down to the most crowded premier shopping street the NanJing Road in Shanghai. The entire street about 3.4 miles long and starts from the bund in the east and end in the west at the Jingan temple. A trackless train can be found on the street for the convenient of tourists and there are many interesting and countless famous brand for shopacholics. Women's favourite... I recommend.

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