Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shanghai Trip- Day 1

When my flight touched down at the Pudong Airport of Shanghai I can feel the breeze from the air it is spring in China weather is good and the airport is huge. Once I get down from the plane I was advice by a friend to take an experience of the world's fastest train - the Shanghai's Maglev Train from airport to Shanghai City. Wooohhh the journey from airport to downtown only takes approximately 7 minutes by Maglev Train and the speed reaches the peak of 431 km/h. This is incredibaly fast and efficient and it only cost you RMB 50. So, if anyone plan to go Shanghai take this opportunity to experience the top speed of world's most sophisticated train.

The traffic in Shanghai is so congested even during non peak hours. I quickily get a bite at a most convenient restaurant downtown and start my journey to my first destination HangZhou.

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