Sunday, April 8, 2007

What inspire You

To success in workplace we need passion that make us move forward. Despite all the hurdles infront of us the only way out to stay focus is what moves you. It could be a short term plan or a long term plan to let our foot stay on course all the time.

Planning is vital part in the whole process. If you do not plan accordingly your short term and long term plan will just mess up as it is seen. In fact, if we plan and did not record it down it will end up like we did not even started a plan as our brain always works faster than physical.

Put pen to paper from now for your plan and below is what I willing to share with you and it works.

1. Prepare a list of short term plan and long term plan.
2. Cut down the plan and select only 3 plans.
3. Ask yourself how long from now to achieve the short term plan
4. If you succeed what's next. (rewards yourself)
5. Is the short term plan co-related to the long term plan
6. If yes just make both happens within your schedule
7. Time keeping for the long term plan
8. Every morning remind yourself of the long term plan
9. Do not give up when failure turn up share it to friends
10. Last but not least, keep the Passion of Fire Burns.

Monday blues....

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Michael Song said...

david... it is always becos of the passion... nothing beats passion... but definitely the rewards must be reasonable... we for $ anyway...