Friday, November 9, 2007

My favourite Singer

Who is your favourite singer? Well, He is one of my favourite singer,Jay Chou 周杰倫. I knew about his existence back to year 2001, when I still staying in Melbourne, Australia completing my final year of uni life. One of my friend bought his album Jay and asked me to listen together without refer to the lyris.

I was amazed that we can't understand what he is singing even we understand mandarin but his outstanding way of carrying the songs really amazed alot. But the way he speaks Mandarin really confused many because you hardly can understand the word from his mouth which make him special and and bring him fame for the pass 6 years. Being the most popular chinese male singer in Taiwan, China and alot of places. He even won the rookie in movies industry after the successful film of Initial D, a famous Japanese Comics. The movie also name after the comics.

Here are some Jay Chou new songs for all.

New song: Rainbow

Song title: Bu Ne Suo De Mi Mi (Secret)
From the Movie Secret (one of the most talk about movie this year)
Rate: Must Watch.

Sont title: Yi Lu Siang Bei (Go North)
From the Movie Initial D (Jay Chou maiden movie)
Rate: Must Watch.

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sylvesteR said...

Lol, you should really listen to the new one. 'Niu zhai he mang.' It's kinda like a cowboy theme, way different from other songs. More to country genre.