Thursday, March 27, 2008

Universal Studio, Hollywood (Part 4)

This is the Universal Studio in Hollywood, California. Do you know there are how manay Universal Studios in the world? Basically, Universal Studios set its base in California but they have 5 different Universal Studio across the globe. United States have 2 one in California (west coast) and the other one in Orlando (east coast) and the rest are located in different countries like Japan, Dubai, Singapore and South Korea.

This is headquarter of Universal Studios, Hollywood. a lot of movies and dreams start from here... the entire area i think is as big as a township. probably bigger...

This seems familiar to you??? Continue...

Yes. Part of the Tokyo Drift special effects taken in the Universal Studios. Cool!!!

Another special effects. A quiet village... what next?



Tsunami hits a mexican village!!! The entire special effects of flood take less than 5 seconds. Amazing Universal Studios!!!

Very familiar with this neighbourhood... bingo is Desperate Housewife.

The complete Universal Studios tour could only complete if you spend 2 or 3 days. Due to the tight schedule we give up a lot of exciting games inside the studios. To see more photos check on my facebook.

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