Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mix Feeling

Today recorded the 13 days of being a father... Mix feeling... Well where the *hell* I have absenced for the pass weeks... Well here is some summary for you guys (not in Malaysia wan...)

The first week of fatherhood or should I say parenthood is not easy stuff... You have to be alert, when little baby cries (either Hungry or Shit...) so I bared the responsibilities of make milk (in the midnight) or clean the little shit for baby ... Obviously, I'm lacked of sleep.... (therefore never update my blog..). Anyway, Pauline also helps along lar... She is the one breastfeed our baby.

Well, all the above task have been taking over by the nanny when she arrived 4 days later... what a relieved for myself, pauline and my parents are exhausted of taking care of baby... I found myself like lost some of my short term memory at that time due to tiredness.

Unfortunately, baby kena jaundice after discharged from the hospital in the 5th day. She had to stayed overnight for 3 Days 2 Nights in the hospital to be observed under the special sunlight. Luckily she recovered in time but the mummy *worried* her so much... muahahahahahaha (hardly see Pauline so kan cheong!!!) A week has passed quickily and we still haven't name her... (according to the Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia we have an allowance of 2 weeks to submit our baby name at any branch of PNM.)

During the 1st and 2nd weeks a lot of friends visited us and baby... appreciate a lot!!! Besides, I have to thanks a few name here. Peng Leong for the big Ang Pow. Ah Shue, Johnson, Max, Law, Grace, Irene, Kay Peng, Joyce, Yin Kee, Kang Han, Suet Han, Esther for the presents like Baby Chair, Clothes and many many more. Thank You so much...

Today marked a historical day for our baby. We have finalised and included a english name in her IC. The final SARA GAN SHIN E. So next time you all can call her Sara or Shin E.

I'll put up photos on my next blog.... (mix feeling no more EPL man...)


Michael Song said...

no wonder u cant focus on EPL lar....

Max said...

Gan, you're welcome! I shall visit you, pauline and baby when i come back in December!