Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long Night again

It has been a long night again... the departure of nanny on Monday, certainly left alot of blues for my family. Finally, I realised that when additional helping hand really help us alot from cooking, washing, feeding or even sleeping... (kinda of miss her... help lar!!!!) Apart from taking care on the normal routine, we (me, pauline and my mom) take rotation like football strategy to take care of baby Sara. It has been a long night for the person taking the night shift. (pauline didn't sleep at all!! amazed!!! and I have to thank her so much because she is the person that need a lot of rest during her confinement month instead of jaga Baby for the whole night... i feel sorry...)

The time table of taking care of Baby Sara distributed into 3 shift, My Mom in the Morning (8 hours), Pauline in the Afternoon (8 hours) and Me in the Night (8 hours)... this is how we define our time, you take as much rest as possible when you are not occupy so that when your shift comes you are as enegetic as the baby... (at last i really feel i'm aging, cannot tahan anymore...)

Today marked the 3rd night of taking care of Baby Sara, writing blog and surf the internet is the only way to kill time.. In order to make myself awake the whole night, research on shares and football is the only entertainment i have.... kinda of weird like i can't even nap if she sleeps beside me...

Baby Sara wakes up every 2 hours in the night... why? the only answer either starving or shit... so my role is simple at night make milk or clean shit... But, sometimes I also experienced that she is not hungry and shit but just cry the whole night... this really out of my control and i have no choice to wake pauline or my mom up to give me a helping hand... sometimes really dont know what the baby wants.

That's all for now... have to make milk again..(adapting fatherhood..)


Chee said...

yo.. tot you will not blog anything regarding sara in gossip wit david? is time to update a bit on EPL, la liga, serie A and budgesliga... =)

gossip with david said...

Oh yeah... thanks shue remind me the la liga and serie a kick off this weekend