Thursday, August 30, 2007


Counting down the days of Malaysia's National Day on the 31 August 2007 (1 day left)... over the years you will only listen people shouting, screaming and yelling Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka for no reasons and for fun... if you don't believe step yourself out tonight in Dataran Merdeka or any big gathering of celebration you'll understand all. Different group of people will have different tune and they try to act like our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman when we declared independence in the Merdeka Stadium back then in 1957. (I hope as a Malaysian please pay high respect on the "Merdeka" before it fly out from your mouth and do not spoilt it)

This year celebration of National Day will be a grand one from the government and private sector however, the government feels that private sector should contribute to this as well and released a statement few months ago about at all expenses on promoting our Nationa Day will be fully deducted in the financial year end of the company. (Walau... like that also can ar... If the cabinet release this news earlier I think today in down town Kuala Lumpur you will see a lot of display of this everywhere liao.. pls take note in future...)

As a Malaysian, what can we do and play a role in this celebration....well, i don't seem what much the Malaysian can do instead just behave like a good boy will be more than enough because new rules coming out stated don't simply make fun with the national flag lar (therefore, don't stick on your car bonek or sun roof anymore u r not patriotic but shameless simply display it) , don't simply edit national anthem (the 黃明志 Namewee case) and alot more. In fact, as a Malaysian the latter is truly mis-behaved, the namewee case had brought alot of attention to the cabinet as well as the media reporting the mis-used of national anthem and bla bla bla... As an adult, i think namewee you are over the line anyway, your song like Muar Chinese and Kawanku had brought sufficient fame for you so don't simply go further like nobody business... you know lar Malaysia is a place that you can throw your unhappiness out but only limited to condition, environment, close friends or keep underneath your own heart. (don't say i am chicken to do so... if any Malaysian try to act funny against the government or stupid ISA will come after you... this only not appear in "Ripley's believe it or not")

Anyway, for those of you who have resided out of Malaysia, i hope you find your happiness there but you will face the same difficulties in the other hand because you are just simply 3rd class citizen to them. For the pass 30 years i've stayed here in Malaysia i still find here is a good place to live and work for.

Last but not least, I wish Malaysia happy birthday in advance and I can't give you big present as i can't afford it. But, I think you've receive a big "present" from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries yesterday, a foreign investment of RM4.1bil in the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in Johor.

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Michael Song said...

but brother... the song negaraku also not original wor... how? it's mamula moon a hawaiian tune... so who is holding the copyright leh?