Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MacBook Pro

After years I've been using my old laptop... I had recently changed to a new platform of Apple, the MacBook Pro (is damn cool man...)

At first, i was encougrage by Pauline to buy the MacBook. But due to the weak eye sight i have, i've no choice to decline the proposal and therefore choose the MacBook Pro which rovides me a 17" model and resolve my problem. We are a bit hesitate when we choose the MacBook as we don't really understand the OperatingSystem and functions of MacBook. but the sales fella in Machines (the store at Lot 10, reseller of Apple in Malaysia) convinced that they will launch a tutorial class for new user like me to attend and understand more about MacBook. For those who are interested you can check it out at the www.machines.com.my or the retail at Lot 10, KL.

For your information, this is not a paid post therefore, just read it as my personal journal and i found somehting that i would like to share like i did with Mike. Apple is really something new to me. The Operating System is no longer windows which they call it Leopard (so sexy) at first, I really a bit upset because i've to adapt and learn the new OS but eventually i found it to be INTERESTING and have FUN with the MacBook.

The internet explorer is no longer there and there is a cool icon called Safari is the internet explorer. The MacBook Pro also will light up the keyboard when you are in dark. The start up is eventually faster as compare to any windows.

This is what so far i've experienced, i'll share more to you when the days come... I'm lovin' it MacBook Pro.


Jeff Leong said...

Welcome to Mac World brother!!!! Need any assistance, just buzz me bro. It works wonder for you as a blogger. Cheers and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Jeff Leong

Anonymous said...

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