Friday, February 29, 2008

My Best Trip, The West Coast of United States - Part 1

Have you been travelling lately? How long you never take a break from your work? Sit back and re-think... you should take a break!!! Try something out NOW,

I've enough experienced travel around in Asia and had not travel any city out of Asia but this year means really BIG to me as me and pauline as we are travelling out Asia and heading to the United States for vacation. This sound so unreal at first, we have done alot of preparation before the 18 days trip to the West Coast of United States and Japan. Me and Pauline flying all the way from the Peninsular of Malaysia (located in South East Asia) to the far west of United States, Los Angeles. The entire journey isn't that long because we have transit in Japan before we reach Los Angeles. (but it is really time consuming and exhausted being too many stopover). But to sum up, this is the Best Trip ever i had in my life so far. Have you get yours? Try here.

Traffic Jam... this is the only word i will describe to YOU what Los Angeles is all about. Being the largest city of California, LA free way is jam, the down town is jam every where is Jam from 6am to 6pm. Believe it or not, according to the local traffic has been 2 sections in the early days One in the Morning and the other in the Evening but due to the higher income group of greater Los Angeles population increased to 13 million, each individual who live in LA own at least 2 cars and traffic jam has shorten from 2 sections to become 1 section. Jam from 6 am to 6 pm.

Besides, the most famous of Los Angeles is the Hollywood (the Oscar, the fame and name, celebrities and etc). Universal Studios, Disneyland and Sea World are places that you shouldn't miss if you are having your vacation in this city. Los Angeles is too big and don't ever try your luck to rent a car and try to go by your own. The jam is killing you and waste your time. The entire LA city is too huge for beginner on the road and yet most congested road in the world (every LA resident wasted the most time inside the car than any other resident in the world, averagely they have spent 96 minutes annually due to the bad traffic). The most easy way for traveller like you and me, pick up a phone and book for city tour. It will save a lot of your bucks yet you get to travel to alot of places.

The first day when we touch down in LA and head on to down town, you will definitely feel surprises. Due to the geographically location LA is located in the earth quake zone, therefore, you won't see high rise building like Malaysia's Twin Tower stood up in the hub of the city. The building here are build rather low to prevent against the natural disaster. Besides the cab here is really expensive than what you expected. The place where i stayed is called Anaheim, which is very close to Disneyland (of course you have to take a coach to reach the kids-fun-land)only 15 minutes journey. But from Anaheim to LA down town it will take you at least 1 hour and 15 min by train to reach. Learn some spanish before you go, it helps alot.

During our explorer in down town LA, the only unique place we found was the Olvera Street(and is otherwise known as the birthplace of the City of Angels in latin) At here, you could find cross border products from Mexico like clothes, dresses, women accessories, and even tequilla. Along the street market there are alot of stores offer latin food as well. Try some!

This is how it looks like... the Olvera Street Market.

Visiting the oldest house in LA, The Avila Adobe located on Olvera Street, the house has been preserved by the LA local authority and this dining room has more than 100 years old in history.

After a little walk on Olvera Street, we are feeling exhausted as the weather in LA is dry and both of us like being dehydrated and quickily take a train back to our hotel in Anaheim.

This is the Union Station near China Town and Olvera Street Market. Please present your ID if you want to purchase a Train Ticket. It is strange, in Malaysia we just buy and go. Maybe here is America that's why it is different.

Just in case if you were lost, look for this landmark this is the Union Station.

That's all for now. Part 2 is coming up.

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