Saturday, July 26, 2008

City Tour @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 2)

The Day Tour @ Tokyo really is a mouth-watering experienced where both of us really feel that it fills up our eager to know more about Tokyo.

Well besides sight-seeing japanese food and the night life are the one that i miss most after return to Kuala Lumpur. The foods are mouth-watering (sushi and udon) and the night life is damn entertaining (no shops close b4 00:00, what do you think, women? i think most women like it damn alot)

Here are some photos taken @ night of Tokyo.

Back to shopping around at Tokyo you surely will suprised and shocked with the excellent services provided by the sales personnel in the store. Their attitude is superb and very polite. I think none of the world can provide such a friendly and warm services (no wonder their retail businesses are so good - Excellent Service, ichiban!!!). Places you shouldn't miss like Shibuya, Shinjuku , Harajuku and Ginza.

Look at the face of Pauline. I bet she really enjoy shopping in Tokyo and look at the damage (OMG).

Well the night view was taken at the famous junction @ Shibuya. One of Tokyo busiest railway station. Look at the crowd on the street. The crowd keeps on coming out from different subway exit at Shibuya Station.


Anonymous said...


would like to know you went to japan on your own or follow tour ar?

noticed that you guys were wearing some winter sorta clothing, how's the weather there and what season it is now?


Anonymous said...


i think i better leave some questions for you here in advance cause i actually plan to go tokyo in november 08 on my own (meaning not follwing tour)

but heard that it may be difficult to apply visa and may have difficulties in custom when we arrive japan

is that true?

may i have some assistance from you?


gossip with david said...

hey anonymous,

i'm sorry for the late reply as i'm pretty busy lately. May i know your name so that i can address you properly.

the following answer hopefully will be helpful to you:

1. i travel by my own
2. the time i was there in mid feb
3. visa is an issue if you are Malaysian. you need to apply the visa attached with documentations. the following documents are important.
i. get your employer stating you are working in the company and travel to Japan for holidays.
ii. Bank statement to prove you are financially sounds strong that you will not stay there for work.
iii. photocopy of your hire purchase of s&P stating you have monthly commitment of paying instalment for your car or house.

if you wish to know more about it. pls do not hesitate to email me at i can explain you furhter.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply
u may address me jenny....

btw, did you go to kansai,kyoto,okasa?

gossip with david said...

Hi Jenny,

I didn't go to Osaka.

Well i did make a comparison before i go to Japan. well the objective of travelling is to go and visit the most significant city of the country (b4 u visit others) therefore i made a comparison between Tokyo and Osaka (The 2 largest city in Japan.)

Tokyo is a vibrant city and had everything which i want to visit like mount fuji, roppongi hill, asakusa, the busiest junction in the world @ shibuya and alot more

hence, Osaka is a city that has a mixture of historical and modern atmosphere where u still can see historical building in the hub of the city. Kyoto and Nara both the oldest city in Japan are near by Osaka if you want to have a historical experience.

if you have the budget then i suggest you should travel and visit to both cities that could probably give you different feelings and experience.

Anonymous said...

i think tokyo is more to city life style right?

but in osaka, you can experience something different like what you said historical and heritage feel....