Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gossip resUme

Hi there, it has been a long long time that I barely open my blog to update the recent stuff. Well, here it goes from now on Gossip resume (after hibernating for 1 full year).

After some thought I really think I need to do some changes in updating this blog in order to reward readers to have the most out of it from every single entry that I post. At least it brings you laughter or benefit to you.
In the past, I update my blog with things that happened personally to me but i think that is not too fair for readers that one do not understant what is it about secondly, who cares!! Therefore, I plan to restrcuture abit of the entry that I'll post in the future. I would like the readers benefit from here and reading or following this blog that will lift up your boring life. The topics will only cover interesting topics that happen around you and me on a weekly basis.

The introduction entry after the long hibernation will be a little update of myself. I was busy with my kids for almost a year. Apart from work then there is only Family Life. To be a father is no easy task because I need to look after their FMBG (Fast Moving Baby Goods) the list goes on like Milk, Pampers, Body Lotion, Baby Cream, whatever stuff started with Baby. I no longer walk in to Zara, hardly step into cinema and of course I'm not the only one to take care the all this errand but my wife who is good in this after we have 2 babies.

Well all this boring stuff will make you stop reading it already. Let's start the interesting part. Forget about policitics, this is something worth sharing with you in the Malaysia neighbourhood. Tree Little Munkies founded by 3 young female entrepeneurs have given this slow year or whatever that you get to name it a great start. They fear no financial tsunami, obstacles and challenge the IT online store with their own breed of Tree Little Munkies selling baby/ kids/ children clothes online.

In conjunction with their launch, the Tree Little Munkies are pleased to offer FREE postage to any purchases of 3 items and above. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website now and do take advantage of this offer as it is for a limited time only and remember to keep yourself updated please join their mailing list in order to keep you posted with their new arrivals and happy shopping online.
Most important thing that i have to let you know that this is not an advitorial entry as I do not get pay to write this entry but would like to share this to all of you who is reading this post. I personally know them and feel their courage and enthusiasm to work out something that they like an online shopping store.
That's all for now. Stay tune. Gossip ResUme.

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