Monday, September 24, 2007

Jose Mourinho the mastermind behind Chelsea

Jose Mourinho was an ultimate impact of Chelsea success and the mastermind behind the Blues.... Believe it or not. Yesterday we see the Blues defeated by Man United at the Old Trafford, a fair play and pretty convincing displayed by the United players like Tevez scoring the first goal for United right before the first half session crossed by Giggs and Saha tranformed the controvery spot kick that lead Man United winning 2-0 at full time.

During the service of the portugese Jose Mourinho, Alex ferguson has only won once draw 5 and loss 5 against the Blues out of the 11 meetings. A very sudden departure of Jose Mourinho after the draw with Rosenborg at Stamford Bridge last week when the board disclosed that Jose left with "mutual consent". So who do you think football maniac?? Do you want Jose Mourinho still attached with EPL??

Well, in my opinion i really want Jose Mourinho to stay with Chelsea for another few good years, his exists really contribute alot of excitements to EPL and the European Champions League. Chelsea fans like him, even the rivals fans like me (i'm Man united fan) also love him to stay. Football is not only about winning or lossing (although win is important for the club) but for us we like to watch beautiful football that display alot of skills, tactics and strategies. Even the rivals manager like Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger both praised the portugese manager and sad to see him leave the EPL.

I still clearly reminded a quote from Jose Mourinho during his interview session at ESPN sports centre last week saying that:

Jose: I love the club, I love the fans, I love Chelsea FC. If the people love me I will give 100% of my love in return. If you hate me and force me, I'll hate you and give you what you deserve.

From the above statement it was so clear that he has some bust up with the bosses on top, no support from the top management even like us working in the corporate world also feel one word "SIEN". I also will quit the company don't say he is Jose Mourinho, aren't you?

At here i wish Jose Mourinho the best of luck in all your future undertakings and hope he will return to another football club to see him in action again!!

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