Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Astro: Make your life terrible!!!

I feel some stupid stuff here again with Astro nowadays. On April 2007, I received a formal letter from Astro for all its subcribers about the rise of monthly subscription which will take place accordingly in June 2007 because they have added a few new channel for our leisure and have upgraded their infrastruture to get us better viewing (even raining days..But, I still can't watch Astro when it's rain!!!)

I think all this are really crap to tell.... Astro just tell us you need.. extra money that's it!!!

On June 2007, I discovered there is new Channel in Astro 36 calls "Astro On Demand". After your subscription viewers will receive live Hong Kong TVB series screen on your channel 36 at the same date and time as Hong Kong. Put this word you watch live TVB drama if you pay Astro On Demand!!! (holy shit I won't do that and I won't let my mom follow the crazy series like a zombie seating there waiting for the show to turn up!!)

How I wonder, we have already pay you (Astro) monthly subscription that is close to RM90++ and now again you intended to lure more revenue by putting your subcriber (me)more burden on this leisure. I sincerely tell you (Astro) I watch less than 10 hours a week on Astro. Again, do you think I'll subscribe the Pay Channel? NO WAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

I got time I see U no time no see
I got time! I got time! I got time!

Neo said...

Haha. Subscribe lar, very nice drama.