Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Astro Problems again..

I've bad experience lately regarding the one and only pay TV in Malaysia, Astro. The latest announcement on the paid channel like Astro on Demand on Channel 931 has been widely marketed and my family is kind of like it and I've no choice to subscribe for my family sake (Astro the only pay TV channel you can watch Hong Kong drama)

So at 21:30 Malaysian time the channel 931 will deliver the latest Hong Kong TVB series that I'd subscribed. But, we have been waited until 22:00 nothing appear on the TV screen... I screamed to myself WTF is this stupid Astro is doing??!!! You charge us extra for the paid channel and what in return??? You make your viewers like me to suffer in return!!!

Without much hesitation I rang up Astro's customer service no. at 1300 82 8888 which I've waited for more than 10 minutes on the phone to get entertained by the customer service personnel to pick up the damn phone and she didn't even give me a clear picture on what is happening at Astro and ask me to call again tomorrow morning. (I'm not sure she knows the problem at that time.)

I really frustrated with such a poor attempt she done on me and she slammed the phone because she can't answer my queries (I asked: Is the customer service manager there?). The way she talks and reacts really spoil your good name and unprofessional and I strongly believed she never undergo any training before, and I'm curious how such a lousy person capable to stand in the front line of your customer service department. (you need to improve it!!!)

Now the problem with Astro customer service, whenever there is problem or issue arise the customer service personnel always give the same excuse as "technical problem", this isn't the first time I called up and being attended to such a bad excuse and they just keep repeating it for years!!!!

Are you telling me your Astro on Demand channel is only looking for demand but Astro are not going to supply any services to the public. (if it is that case please don't charge us extra to expect such a poor service from you.)


Chee said...

Agreed.. if astro record down all their tele-conversation between customers and their staff.. i think the situation will be so damn different.. but then.. still.. please remember.. this is MALAYSIA!! MALAYSIA Boleh attitude maaaa...

gossip with david said...

I was so frustrated lar Ah Shue... the Astro customer service dept if they listen over the recorded conversation I'm damn sure the officer will vomit blood!!!
Bloody f**king service!!!