Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How Top Bloggers Make Money

To blog or Not To Blog is a subjective question for many people who are involved in blogosphere. Well, today a lot of people are misleading that blog could make you rich overnight. Do you think this is true arr????

Why not ask yourself what is your objective to Blog in the first place.

In the latest Business Week featured a lot of successful bloggers like problogger, perezhilton and many more that review How Top Bloggers Today Make Money from their blog.

But after reading a few articles I discovered 1 COMMON "thing" that all top bloggers shared. They blog not for money in the first place. They only realised that people appreciate their blog after sometimes and the followers are increasing and they start making money from ads and traffic.

That's right!!! To be successful in blogosphere there isn't any alternative, to blog or not to blog is totally up to the author. As long as you are writing with heart and effort will pay off in the future (not necessary sometimes). There is no one guarantee that your blog will be successful after consistently writing in the pass.

In fact, Blogging is just a hobby if you want to turn this hobby to a make money tool, it is not impossible but a lot of sacrifices and effort are much needed.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging.

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