Monday, July 2, 2007

Most Useful Tools, Wikipedi and Youtube

I found search engine don't give me what information I need most of the time. Sometimes, I doubt what happen to all this search engines doing by collecting so many information from millions of websites. The worst experience I had when I search for a keyword and then a stupid old article about 1 year old still remained in the first page of search engines. How can it be? The web crawler is not functioning or is a system error.

Lately, I found interesting in Wikipedia and YouTube, both are the best dictionaries in the world now. Wikipedia elaborates the fact, history and related information on the specific keyword you search for. However, YouTube using another approach it teach you in audio and visual. Fun to learn from both.

How search engine helps in our life? Simply type few key words and the search resutls will reveal the "related" search results for users but most of the results do not really satisfy what we want it is merely close to what we are looking for.

What do you think?

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