Wednesday, July 18, 2007

David Beckham in LA Galaxy, MLS

David Beckham featured at LA Galaxy. Photo from Soccernet

For years his service in the Catalan Club is undoubtedly value from pitch to marketing and even jersey sales, David Beckham. He is an icon in the soccer industry. But his job in europe is still unfinish from my view. I think David Beckham still have at least 2-3 good years to serve and play in Europe top leagues and the Champions League.

His remarkable come back in the squad for Real Madrid's Fabio Capello team to grasp the last few point to clinch the La Liga Champion of 2006-2007 prove he is way too much costly to be sell to LA Galaxy in the MLS. He proves to Steve McClaren of his England captain armband is still warm enought to lead England to a win in the latest European Qualyfying.

Is a waste to see David Beckham landed on this Sports Heaven the USA which soccer is only rank out of the 3 most popular sports in the country.

No more fancy freekicks, No more speedy crossing and No more screams on the street of Europe. You can see David Beckham no more in Europe. I personally want him to remain and play in Real Madrid at least, our pay TV shows live telecast for La Liga.

Good Luck David Beckham and Welcome come to LA, dude!!!

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