Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Steam Buns in China

Buns or in "Chinese" we called it as Bao Zi, one of the staple food for people living in the Northern China or Jiang Su area (Shanghai, Nanjing, Su Zhou). Today, buns have gained it's popularity beyond China, you also can find in other part of the world including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and many more.

Businessman who realise that expenses increase and cost of making buns is no longer cheap and the profit margin is slim compare to the old days, for those businessman who wants to maximise their profit margin they started to come out ideas of manufacture Fake Steam Buns to cut costs!!! (OMG where is the ethic of business, they don't think about the others like consumers health problem!!!)

Fresh Steam Buns, How sure are you?

Fake Steam Buns which made up from 60% of waste paper and cardboard have become the latest food to join in a growing list of health scare in China.

The Bun Maker process waste cardboard for Bao Zi

The reports found vendors chopped up waste cardboard and mixed it with fatty meat to produce the buns, known as "bao zi", in a Beijing backstreet factory. The bun expose highlights the uphill battle faced by authorities in the wake of a series of safety alerts over Chinese made products.

In recent weeks new examples of dangerous or below standard Chinese products have come to light on an almost daily basis – from toxic toothpaste to children's toys painted with lead-based paint. The series of alerts has sparked a media outcry in China and calls for greater controls on Chinese exports abroad.

Nevertheless, Olympic is drawing closer and closer to the city of Beijing and preparation has been tough and with limited time but this kind of harzoudous behaviour not only will spoil the good name of China it will worsen the image of China to be listed on as one of the develop nation to be respected and reputable. Local authority action is required!!!!!

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