Thursday, July 5, 2007

Virtual Cash - Deal or No Deal

I hardly watch local channels at all ever since I've subscribed Astro (Pay TV in Malaysia) in my house. Lately, I found my mom is waiting infront of the TV in the evening for a show about Real Hard Cash to be win of RM100,000, this program Deal or No Deal showing in 8TV or NTV 7 powered by Celcom.

The game Deal or No Deal rules are:

1. Total 36 boxes

2. You need to choose one as your favourite box (the host will counter offer you a sum to buy your box over up to RM100,000 if your box contain the price money)

3. Lowest price money RM0.10, Highest price money RM100,000 in the box

4. You are require to open boxes by boxes until you feel the host offer you the right price to buy your box.

5. You can quit half way if the host offer you the right price.

Basically the rules are the above lar... Today, I'll introduce you the Virtual Cash of Deal or No Deal infront of your monitor. Click the above link and we'll go for a million dollar ride.

I've just won 500,000 from the game.

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