Wednesday, July 25, 2007 Malaysia new Low Air Fares Airlnes

Jetstar is Australia's and Singapore’s new low fares airline for Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Jetstar new promotion in Malaysia

Today, we Malaysians not only can enjoy from AirAsia for cheap air fares, Now the introduction of Jetstar new route from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney only cost RM88, include airport tax and surcharge for to (RM488) and fro (RM488) total amounted to RM1,064 only and you could have a round trip from Malaysia to Australia for holidays or business trips. (New route to Melbourne and Brisbane is going to open) Hurray!!!!

This news didn't come too late and I'm glad to see the competitiveness of aviation industry in Malaysia. Just like in Singapore you have so many choices for low fares airlines like Lion Air, Tiger Air, Jetstar and many more but Malaysia only limit for AirAsia for the pass few years. The open up of new low fares airlines could increase healthy competitive and increase more route for public like us who likes to travel around in our region, Asia.

I think a lot of students who study in Australia are happy and welcome the news of Jetstar introduction in Malaysia. Parents could fly there anytime to visit their children and students can fly back for gathering, festive season and it's affordable.

Plan your vacation now with Jetstar!!!


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